Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let's play...

catch up!

I started my new job about a month ago, and I am loving it!  I was pretty certain that I would enjoy the hours (8am-5pm), and enjoying them is an understatement.   I work about five minutes from home so that makes things a lot nicer too.   I am learning a lot!  Although I am familiar with oncology from working at Cooks, adult oncology is quite different.  I am really loving it though.  The people I work with are great.  The patients are really nice (on most days-you know some older folks can be pretty grumpy). Another perk, we get food catered every day for lunch!  Watch out- I may end up being as big as a house! :)
I celebrated my 28th birthday a few weeks ago.  We went to dinner with friends and then went old school and decided to bowl afterwards.  I really forgot how much fun bowling really is!

A few days after my birthday we celebrated Independence Day.  We stayed home this year and Jon grilled some food and put on a firework show for us.  I'm pretty sure our retirement community neighborhood didn't like the fact that we were popping fireworks at ten o'clock at night, but it was for a good cause! We also had some sparklers left over from our wedding that I had fun with!

Pat Green came to town and put on a concert.  Jon and I joined Jennifer and Billy at Sam's Town casino for the show.  It was a lot of fun! None of us had ever really been to Sam's Town and it ended up impressing us.  We wished Pat Green would have played longer, but at least he played most all of the songs we wanted to hear.

 Jon finished up with orientation with LOPA at the end of June, and it seems since he's been on his own in July he has been really busy! (But don't let that fool you, he still has numerous days off during the week!)

A couple of other things are underway at the Cox household, but I will save those for next post.  I promise it won't take me over a month to tell you about those! :)  Until then...

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