Tuesday, August 28, 2012

birthday, babies, and pickles...

This past weekend we took a quick trip to Forth Worth to visit Adrianne and Ruben and celebrate their baby, Julian's, 1st birthday.  Adrianne went all out planning for this celebration under the "Big Top."  Here are a few pictures from the party...
some of the goodies

Adrianne made this!!

I can't believe Julian is already a year old!  He is such a happy kid! We always enjoy visiting with them and wish that we could make it over to Fort Worth more often.

While we were over there we stopped at a few stores that we don't have here in the Port City.  One of those being Buy Buy Baby.  If you are not familiar with this store, it is owned by the same company as Bed Bath & Beyond and basically is just the same but all baby things.  I walked in the store (it was my first time) and told Jon that I thought it was awesome and overwhelming!  They have everything you could ever want and/or need and them some!  We saw quite a few things that we feel would be unnecessary but other things that we definitely needed.  Surprisingly we didn't buy anything.  I think mainly because we are waiting to see if Tiny Cox will be a boy or a girl.
Another place we stopped at was Central Market, which is one of my favorite places ever!  I stocked up on some fruity candy and we picked up a few other things, including lobster tails and mussels.  Jon cooked the lobster and mussels last night for dinner, along with twice backed potatoes and salad...talk about delicious!! (I didn't indulge in the mussels)  While we were at the store I spotted this pregnant girl's best friend...
A pickle bar! They had all sorts of different flavored pickles!  I played it safe and bought a few of the New York Super Sour Pickles.  They are super sour and super good at that!
We have and OB appointment this week, which is always something we look forward to these days.  Unfortunately they are not planning on doing an ultrasound this time, so we will have to wait a few weeks to find out what gender Tiny Cox may be.  The anticipation is starting to wear on me!!  I'm still pretty certain it is a girl, soon enough we will see.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm baaack!

Well at least that is how I feel!  I am back to my somewhat normal self! We are officially in the 2nd trimester! Yahoo!! The nausea has definitely subsided, and I feel as though I have a little more energy than I did.  (Don't tell my husband- I still need an excuse to take naps! jk)  Now if the 'teenage boy going through puberty' acne would disappear I would be ecstatic!  The only new thing lately I have been dealing with is headaches.  Now we know that headaches are not a new thing for me, but they were gone for a while.  The only problem now is that Tylenol is all I can take and that does not cut it!  We see the doc next week and I am hoping she will have some answers or maybe they will go away by then (and stay away!)
Some days I feel like I actually look pregnant and some days I feel like I have a beer gut.  By the end of most days though, I definitely have a belly, but it magically seems to disappear when I wake up in the mornings?! Who knows?!
We are getting more excited and anxious to find out if Tiny is a boy or a girl.  My gut feeling is a girl.  I keep asking Jon what he thinks Tiny will be and he never has an answer.  He claims he doesn't have a "gut feeling" about it.  I truly thinks he just wants a boy and doesn't want to admit it, so he's trying to stay neutral.  He did say that he wants to have a gender reveal party, and because of the party planner I am, that made me excited!  I have it all planned out in my head, but we just have to see what's going on in our lives when it's time to reveal.  (Mainly if our house is sold, where we are living, etc.)
I guess I'll go find a snack (probably a pickle and some fruity candy since that's what I always want these days) and try to figure out what to cook for dinner...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

First comes love...

then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage!  That's right my friends, Jon and I are pregnant! Yes, the hubby considers himself pregnant too.  Don't you know it takes a team to grow a baby?!  And believe me, growing a baby is hard work!  I wasn't exactly sure what I had in store for me, but I'm just taking it all in and making the most of each day!
We found out about Tiny Cox the first week I started my new job! Yea, it was a bit of a shock, but a sweet shock none-the-less.  I had to immediately tell the people I work with because I am not to mix chemo (which is a big part of my job) while preggers.  They are all very understanding and helpful! I am so thankful for that!
Jon is over the moon excited about being a dad, and it always puts a huge smile on my face!  I know that he will be a wonderful father!  He has been so supportive and helpful so far with this pregnancy and the unknowns that have come with it!
We have known for quite a few weeks that we are expecting, and it has been the hardest secret to keep!  We did tell our parents almost right away.  We went out to my parents house one evening with each of them a gift in hand.  I bought my mom the children's book titled "Grandma and Me" and my step-dad the children's book titled "Grandpa and Me" both by Mercer Mayer.  Inside each book I wrote a poem from the unborn baby.  They are both really excited!  The next morning we went to breakfast with Jon's parents.  We arrived a few minutes early and put our reveal plan in to place.  When Jon's parents arrived and ordered coffee the waiter did just as we asked and brought out their coffee in mugs we provided.  The MIL's mug read "There is no love like grandma's love" and the FIL's mug read "New Grandpa."  They both noticed they had different mugs than usual but it didn't register why.  Jon had to end up telling them the reason for the mugs.  They are both very excited as well!
We are just around the corner from the 2nd trimester. I'm hoping that I will soon have more energy and less nausea!

Monday, August 13, 2012

It's Official!

That's right.  Our house is officially up for sale!  I toyed with the idea of selling our house and tried to get Jon on board at the beginning of this year, but was not successful at that time.  Quite a few things have come up this summer that made us both realize that moving would be beneficial.   It was a really hard decision to make, especially since we had this house built.  We picked out everything in it.  We made it our own.   Now that we are looking for a new house, we are having to make some compromises.  We definitely did things backward, by building our first house and now buying an older house, but it will all work out.  I think HGTV's House Hunters should put us on their show!  We seem to be really picky about things that no one else cares about I'm sure.  Our main hang up on most of the houses we have looked at is the laundry room, or lack thereof.  Some of the washers and dryers have been in the garage, some have been an extension of the kitchen counter, some are stacked on top of one another in a tiny closet, and none of these options will work for us!  We are continuing to look and staying positive.  I know the perfect house for us will show up soon enough.  For the time being we are hoping to get our house sold.  So, all five (I'm aiming high) of you that read this, please pass on to all of your friends and family about our house!!