Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday

I love reading the hello! happiness blog, and decided to join up with the Five on Friday link up.  I have been needing some inspiration for something to write about besides our sweet baby.  :)  So here goes...


My birthday is on Sunday!  This will be my last year in my twenties.  That seems crazy to say.  I never thought my life would be like it is today at this age, but I am loving every minute of it and feeling very blessed!


My co-worker came to work talking about an awesome book she was in the middle of reading, one that she just couldn't put down because it was so good.  So, I downloaded Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn on my nook based on her recommendation.  I have been wanting a good book to read, so I am anxious to get started on this one.


Of course I couldn't write a post without mentioning Lillian in some form or fashion.  Lately my breastmilk supply has decreased so I decided to make some lactation cookies.  I had to go to several different stores to get all the goods I needed to bake them.  They turned out great!  Not sure yet if they really work, but I'm enjoying eating them anyway! (I'll do a separate post about the cookies at a later date)

(terrible iPhone pic)


I wish I was a risk taker.  I would LOVE to open a party planning business, and my husband keeps encouraging me to, but I am too scared of failure.  It would just be a side job thing.  I would keep my current full-time job.  I am so scared of failure that it is preventing me from taking the next step to make it happen.


I'm looking forward to our weekly Saturday morning trip to our local farmer's market tomorrow.  I am in need of some more squash.  I may also stop by the Plum Nelly Flower Farm booth and treat myself to a cute bouquet for my birthday!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Four Months Old

June 23, 2013

It's been 4 wonderful months that you have been in our world, and what a wonderful 4 months it has been!  Your sweet personality is really shining these days and I can't get enough.  You have so much to say with your cooing and babbling these days.  I love that you always want to talk, and I hope that you will want to talk to me and share all your secrets with me forever.  Along with talking a lot, you also chew on your hands all the time.  We have accepted the fact that you prefer your fingers over any pacifier.  You also like to rub your slobbery hands on our face when we hold you, but we wouldn't have it any other way!  You are a long lean girl.  You are wearing mostly 3 month sized clothes.  There are a few 0-3 months that you fit in, and 6 month clothes are way too big.  We are still using size 1 diapers because the size 2 are too big around your thighs.  The doctor said you are right on target with your height and weight, you are in the 50th percentile.  You grow, baby girl! :)  I decided it was time for you to sleep in your own room, so for about 3 weeks now you have slept in your crib in your room.  I am so proud of you and how well you have done!  You are a wonderful sleeper (you must get that from me) and I hope that you always will be!  Things are still going well at home during the day with your daddy.  He said you like to help him hold your bottle, but you are not able to hold it completely on your own yet.  All this time you get to spend with him is really making you a daddy's girl and it is so sweet.  I started taking you to Gymboree for a class and some days you love it and other days you just tolerate it.  We sing songs and do different activities to help you meet your milestones.  You rolled over on June 19th from your back to your tummy.  Your daddy and I were so surprised that you did it that we almost didn't believe it.  You have not rolled over since that day, but we might have scared you too much will all our cheering.  You recently found your feet and love to grab and hold on to them.  Your daddy took you swimming a few weeks ago and you were not sure about the cold water.  Once you got used to the temperature you really liked floating around.  Your daddy wants you to take swimming lessons as soon as you are old enough.  You still love taking baths, and it is now part of our nightly routine.  You seem to know that after your bath it's time to eat and then time for bed.  You now rub your eyes when you get tired, and it's the sweetest thing.  Your daddy and I think you are so smart and we love watching you learn.  We are amazed every day at the new things you do and accomplish.  You make us so proud, sweet girl!  I hope you always know that you are our pride and joy!  I love you more than words can express!
All my love,

13.1 pounds
24.5 inches

Things she is loving: chewing on her hands, going for a walk, 
being outside, "talking," taking a bath

Things she is not a fan of: shots, being tired, 
not being able to see what is going on

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy 1st Father's Day!

I have to brag on my husband for a minute...
He is the best daddy to our sweet baby girl.  I always knew he would be a good dad, but he has exceeded my expectations.  He is the one who has the opportunity to stay at home with her, because he has a job that allows him to be at home majority of the time.  He does such a wonderful job of taking care of Lillian!  She is smitten by her daddy and is definitely a daddy's girl.  Unfortunately he was not able to spend his first father's day with us because he was out of town for work.
Thank you, Jon, for being a great husband and now a wonderful daddy!

Happy 1st Father's Day!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

No Farms No Food

The Shreveport Farmer's Market started yesterday. It's always one of my favorite things this time of the year. It is held on Saturday morning from 7-12 and Tuesday evening from 3-6. This past Saturday we got up and about early and headed downtown to see what we could find. Lillian got to experience her first Shreveport Farmer's Market! It was very crowded and already hot outside. We were wanting squash and strawberries. We did find 2 eight ball squash/zucchini so we snatched those up. I had never heard of them before last year when we found them at the market. We did not see any strawberries that looked good to us, but we did end up with some other goodies. A booth out there called Comfort Food was selling pre-made meals and mixes, so we bought cinnamon rolls from them that sounded delicious. Can't wait to try them! We also came across a dairy farmer's booth who was selling fresh milk, heavy cream, and butter. We were intrigued and decided to buy a half gallon of their chocolate milk. It should go good with a cinnamon roll! We will have to go earlier in the morning next time because a lot of the booths were sold out of things we would have bought. I'm glad Shreveport offers a farmer's market! It is a good thing for people to do with their families, it helps the farmers, and it introduces people to new foods and experiences!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This past 4 day weekend was great! It started off Friday when I got to sleep in because I was off work! I spent the day with my sweet baby and then Jon, Lillian, and I joined my in- laws for dinner. After dinner Jon and I took Lillian to Rhino Coffee Shop and listened to a bluegrass band called Foley's Van. My sister came in town late that night so we all slept in on Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon we did a little shopping and then ate lunch on the patio at Oyster Bar. Saturday night we attempted to hang out at the Mudbug Madness festival but it didn't last long. Lillian was not a happy camper as soon as she heard the super loud music and was bombarded by unfamiliar faces. About 15 minutes after we were there a huge black cloud covered the sky and we saw lightening in the distance. That was our cue to leave. Maybe next year we will have better success. Sunday we all got up and went to Rhino for breakfast before our trip to the park. Candace, Jon, and Brady ran while Lillian and I walked. It was crazy hot out because the humidity was so bad. Sunday evening Jon made dinner and his parents came over. It was a nice relaxing evening. Monday, Memorial Day, was uneventful and so nice. I am thankful for all of the men and women who have sacrificed their lives to keep this country free. This weekend was full of family time, and I am so thankful for that too! I'm glad my sister was able to come visit!