Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Review in Pictures

What a year 2012 has been!
I threw Jon a 30th birthday beer tasting and mustache bash! 
We celebrated Jon's 30th birthday at Windrush Grill

We made it to our one year wedding anniversary!

We celebrated Easter at our house with family.

We visited wineries in south Texas to celebrate our anniversary.

We celebrated my step-dad's 50th birthday fiesta style.
We lost weight on the cabbage soup diet.
My best friend, Holly, had a sweet baby boy!
On Cinco de Mayo we celebrated being together for 6 years!

I left working nights in PICU and started a day job in adult oncology.
I watched my good friend, Micaela, marry her high school sweetheart.
We found out we were pregnant!
I turned 28!

Jon put on our very own firework show!

We went to Fort Worth to celebrate Julian turning 1!!
Our house went up for sale (only to never actually sell).

We found out Tiny Cox is a girl!!

Jon tore his achilles tendon and had surgery and a long road to recovery!
I went to my first LSU game!

We celebrated sweet Riley's 1st birthday!

Christmas was celebrated at our house with family.
This has truly been a wonderful year.  It was a roller coaster of ups and downs and disappointments and surprises, but I wouldn't change it if I could.  Jon and I feel very blessed and know that God is in total control of this life we have been given.  We are looking forward to all the exciting things in store for us in 2013!  Happy New Year!!

32 weeks on NYE

On the last day of 2012 we are 32 weeks pregnant!
We saw the doctor last week and had a great check up.  I only gained 1lb since seeing her last (2 weeks).  I was so excited!  She said everything is going well.  Lillian's heart rate was a strong 150, which is about what it is every time.  I am measuring right on target.  We go back next week and I was hoping for an ultrasound at that time, but it will be the appointment after that.  I talked to her about the chances of being put on bed rest and she doesn't see that in the future at this point.  My feet/ankles do swell at times, but they also go down once I put my feet up.  My blood pressure has been great.  It was very comforting to hear her say that she didn't believe bedrest was something we were headed towards.
I have felt pretty good lately.  I am more tired these days, but that's to be expected I assume.  Sleeping is not very comfortable these days.  I wake up with leg cramps and awful reflux at least once a night.  I think I had my first Braxton-Hicks contraction the other night, but I don't really know.  I just know my belly was really uncomfortable, almost hurting, and it was really tight, but it didn't last very long.  Lillian continues to be active, mainly in the mornings and evenings.  I am anxious to have an ultrasound done because I want to know about how big she is.  When she is moving around I really feel like she is a chunk!
So of course I have mentioned and shown pictures of my feet and how they tend to swell at times.  Well it's worse when I wear shoes that don't quite fit so I decided it was time to find some shoes that fit me better because I am down to my tennis shoes and a pair of black flats.  Jon and I went to a couple of stores this past weekend and I had no luck.  I normally wear a 7 1/2 or sometimes an 8...well I was having to try on size 9, and it wasn't because my foot was swollen, it was the length! OMG! Has my foot really grown that much?  They still didn't fit right either.  I know that some of it is swelling, but on this particular day my feet were looking pretty good.  I was so discouraged and disappointed that I refused to go anywhere else to look and I told Jon I would just wear flip flops.  I doubt I will be wearing flip flops and for now I will just wear my tennis shoes or black flats until I can find some other pair that fits.
We (more Jon than me) have been working on redoing the dresser/changing table for Lillian's room.  As soon as it is finished I will post some pictures.  I still need to clean out some things from her room so that Jon can get started painting.  It's coming down to crunch time so I really need to get a move on and get some things done!
While my sister was in town for Christmas she took some maternity pictures for me.   I haven't seen all the pictures yet, but I am happy with the ones I did see.  She is very talented so I am anxious to see all of them.  Of course I will post some once I have them!

32 weeks

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas snuck up on me once again this year. It really does not feel like it should be Christmas already!  We just got our Christmas tree 2 days ago (yes, that's right, 4 days before Christmas day).  I have had my house decorated for weeks with all my holiday decor, but we never made a trip to get a tree.  Jon said he didn't think it felt like Christmas without a tree so he went Friday night and picked one out for us.  I told him that we will have to be more on the ball next year since we will be introducing a new life to the traditions of Christmas.  I will say that I do love the Christmas season.  Some of my favorite things to do during this time of year are...
-driving around to look at Christmas lights.  I love to get a mug of hot chocolate and jump in the car and check out all the houses lit up.  I will admit that some of the houses are quite amusing with the blow up decorations and the Clark Griswald wanna-be's.   We have been around a few neighborhoods a couple times this year.  I am looking forward to next year when we can dress Lillian in her Christmas PJs and drive around to show her all the lights.
-enjoy the music.  There is just something about Christmas music that makes you happy and want to smile.  Now there are some songs that become annoying after you hear them 25,000 times in a day on the radio, but for the most part all Christmas music is enjoyable.  For the past 2 years we have driven to Dallas to go to a Christmas music concert of sorts at Jon's uncle's church, Prestonwood.  It is a megachurch to say the least with an enormous choir.  They put on a wonderful Christmas program.  It always brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart!
-going to parties.  Whether it's a tacky Christmas sweater party, a night with the girls, or an office party, it's always nice to get together with friends during this time of the year.  My work had our Christmas party this year at Zocolo.  It was a lot of fun and made me even more thankful for my job.  I really feel appreciated where I work and I am so thankful for that!
-baking goodies.  I like to bake anyway, but during this time of year it really is fun.  I made some treats and bagged them up for the people I work with.  This evening I plan on making even more yummies, like fudge, cookies, and a pie!  I hope everyone is ready for some sweets.
-spending time with family.  My sister made it in town yesterday and will be here for a few days.  It's always nice having her in town.  We are heading out to my parents on Christmas eve night to eat and spend time with my parents and grandparents.  On Christmas day we are having lunch/dinner at our house and Jon's parents and uncles will be here.  Then Friday we are getting together with Jon's sisters and their families.  To me the holidays are all about family and spending time with one another, enjoying each others company, laughing and just having a good time.  I know this will be even more important to me in the coming years, since Jon and I will have a family of our own.    Jon and I have been talking a lot about traditions that we want to start with Lillian, and just the thought of having her around this time next year brings so much joy to my heart!  It's crazy to think that we will finally meet her in 2 shorts months!  I've been saying all along that once Christmas gets here it will be just about time for her to arrive.  Well Christmas is here, now it's time to get myself in gear and get ready for this sweet baby girl.
I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and that we remember what the season is really about.  Take the time to hug your friends, tell your family you love them, and thank God for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hello 3rd Trimester

It doesn't seem like I am truly in the third trimester, the last leg of this pregnancy.  We went back to the doctor last week because I had to do the three hour glucose tolerance test to see if I in fact had gestational diabetes or not.  Before the appointment I had already convinced myself that I did and was ready to embrace the diet change and frequent finger pricks for glucose checks.  As soon as I arrived for my appointment they checked my fasting glucose which was 85 (it needed to be below 90).  I felt as though I got passed that part by the skin on my teeth.  I then drank the even sugaryer (haha, I definitely made that word up) drink than before and almost couldn't keep it down.  I asked what would happen if I vomited and she told me I would just have to drink more, so I forced myself to keep that mess down.  One hour later they checked my sugar and it was 124 (needed to be less than 180).  I almost cried because I was so excited.  One hour later (two hours after chugging the drink) they checked my sugar again and it was 129.  I just knew that meant I failed because my sugar had gone up, but she said I passed because it just needed to be below 150.  I really almost cried at this point!  I stood up and looked at Jon with the biggest smile on my face!  I was so thrilled and thankful not to have gestational diabetes!  We then saw the doctor and everything is going good.  Lillian's heart rate sounds wonderful (still music to my ears) and is a steady 150s.  We will start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks, so that puts us going back right after Christmas.
I am trying to continue to walk, but these days it's tough walking for an extended period of time without feeling like I might pee my pants!  My poor bladder is just super squished these days I suppose.  I told Jon that I may have to wear a diaper for my walks (of course I was kidding...maybe).  The temperature has also dropped significantly so walking outside is not so enjoyable anymore.  I may have to start walking the mall.  I guess I would fit in walking the mall with my diaper on....aren't most mall walkers at the age of needing Depends?!
We finished up with "baby classes" with a 2 session class on breast feeding.  It was taught by Brenda Dalton, who I hear could probably make a man lactate.  She was a great teacher and apparently is so helpful once the baby arrives.  I enjoyed the classes and feel I learned a lot, but I am still creeped out at the thought of breast feeding.  I don't know why?!  I know it's the most "natural" thing, but in my eyes, it still is somewhat weird for me.  I am going to do everything I can to make breast feeding work for me and Lillian, but I will not be completely heartbroken if it's not our thing.
I have been feeling pretty good lately, definitely more tired, but still feel good for the most part.  My ribs hurt a lot these days, but I think it's just because I am running out of room.  This past weekend my feet were ridiculously swollen, but after one evening of rest and elevation they were back to normal.  I know a lot of people are betting on me going on bedrest soon, but I am determined not to let that happen!  Lillian continues to be an active little girl, especially in the morning when I first wake up, and in the evening after I am off work.  I'm really looking forward to our next ultrasound (which will be in about 3 weeks), because I want to know what position she is in and about how big she is.  I'm betting we will have a chunky girl on our hands, which is fine with me! It is more to cuddle with!
This coming week my mom and I will be redoing Lillian's dresser/changing table so be expecting a post about that!
30 weeks

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Every year I look forward to sending out Christmas cards.  Shutterfly has been my go to site for cards the past couple of years.  They have so many cute cards and options with each card that you just can't beat it, especially when you have a discount code you can use.  This year we did not have a professional picture taken, like we have in the past.  I waited too late to book anything, and also decided that I would rather spend that money on something for Lillian.  My sweet co-worker, Amber, let us borrow her nice camera and we had Jon's dad take our picture with it.  We took a TON of pictures but only have a few that turned out worthwhile.  I guess that's why photographers get paid so well! :)  Anyways, you can see above what our Christmas card turned out like this year.  It's not the best ever, but it's definitely not bad, especially since the photographer was free and I saved 50% off on the cards!
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

28 week whammy

We are now 28 weeks along, which means 12 weeks until our due date. That is 3 measly months my friends! This week we had a doctor's appointment and actually saw the Nurse Practitioner for the first time because my doctor was out of town. I really liked her, although she seemed to be the bearer of bad news. I did not pass the glucose tolerance test. My blood sugar needed to be less than 134 one hour after finishing the drink and mine was 146. They scheduled me to do the three hour glucose tolerance test next Tuesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I pass it! I was told that I am anemic and needing more iron. The NP prescribed iron pills for me to take and instructed me to eat more red meat. I had some not so pleasant side effects from iron at the beginning of the pregnancy so I'm hoping I tolerate it better this time. The NP also told us that I am measuring at 30 weeks. We will have an ultrasound in two weeks and at that time we will be able to see for sure how big Lillian is and exactly how "old" she is measuring. Our appointment this week did not bring the best news, but it definitely could have been worse. I'm just thankful for a healthy growing baby! I will do whatever I need to to insure she arrives to this world!
the not so lovely "glucosoda"
I personally have been feeling pretty good.  My feet hurt more than they used to, but it's nothing unbearable.  Nights are becoming more sleepless.  I have numerous pillows I use to help get in to a comfortable position, but nothing really works.  Lillian loves to move around and I still think it's the coolest feeling.  We take time out together in the mornings to do kick counts.  It's a nice way to ease myself into waking up and get ready for the day.  It is also a very active time for her!

We went to another baby class. This one was an orientation to child delivery and also about anesthesia options. It was not exactly helpful. I don't know what my expectations were but it definitely didn't meet them. They showed two videos that were totally 80s. I think they need to review the material they teach and bring it more up to date. There are a lot of women these days that labor longer at home and do not jump into modern medicine practices. Also, a lot of women these days have birth plans and that should be something they discuss in the class as well. I think if I were not a nurse the class would have been more informative. I'm glad we went though, because if I hadn't I may be curious as to what I missed or could have learned.

This past Sunday Jon and I made a trip to Longview to get Lillian's crib! A few days before, my friend Meagan sent me a link to a Craigslist listing for a white wrought iron bed. I immediately responded to the listing and made a deal with the seller. I was so excited when we got there on Sunday and the bed was everything I wanted! When we first started looking at beds for Lillian I wanted a wrought iron bed but quickly changed my mind because it was not quite in our budget. I had given up on the idea, so when Meagan sent me the listing I was beyond excited! It is so beautiful and looks good in her room already!! Of course we still need a mattress and to have the bedding made, but just having a bed for her is a big relief! We have also picked out the color we want to paint her room. Hopefully Jon will be able to start painting within the next couple weeks.

This week I was again reminded that God answers prayers! We must be patient but He will come through on His own time!

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Time to be Thankful

Although I should be thankful everyday for all the things He provides me, I tend to get busy in my every day life and do not always take the time to think of the things I am truly thankful for.   I do feel that I am overall grateful and thankful for the life I have been given, but there are specific things I would like to point out that I am very grateful for this year.
The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that I am pregnant.  I do thank God every day that He has blessed me with the ability to carry a child.  Unfortunately not every woman has the opportunity to be pregnant.  Before I became pregnant I always had a fear that I would be one of those women.  I see it a lot nowadays, especially since a lot of girls my age are now wanting to be moms.  When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked but definitely thankful.  Being able to feel Lillian move and kick inside my belly is an awesome feeling and one I am truly grateful for!
I am thankful for my health.  I may have a few set backs here and there (headaches, cankles, etc.) but those are nothing in comparison to those fighting for their lives or battling lifelong illnesses.  Being in the healthcare field I see all sorts of sick people, and I am so very thankful for the health I have been given.
I am thankful for my husband.  God knew what he was doing when he brought us together.  We have become very close and matured together in our relationship with the Lord in the short amount of time we have been together, and I can only imagine how much better it will get in the years to come.  We have been through quite some tough times already, but with God leading the way, we have made it through and come out stronger in the end! I love my husband dearly and thank God always for bringing us together!
I am thankful for my job!  It took me quite a while to find a day job, and I am so happy to be working where I am now.   I am actually able to be off for Thanksgiving, allowing me to spend time with family.  What a thing to be thankful for!

And a few "small" things I am thankful for:
-the dishwasher!  There is nothing I despise more than doing the dishes!
-good smelling candles
-the warm sunshine on a cold day
-ice cream
-hand me downs (I actually have quite a few things to wear thanks to my friends' maternity hand me downs)
-compression socks
-gas in the tank (of my car of course)

I am really looking forward to 4 days off from work to be able to spend time with family and friends.  After all, they are the most to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

less than 100 days...

until my due date.  Is it too early to start a count down?
We are 26 weeks this week, which means 14 weeks to go, which is 98 (actually a few less) days.  It's crazy to think of it like that!
We saw the doctor this week and she was very pleased with my blood pressure and the lack of edema.  I do have to give credit to my co-worker, Amber, who was so kind to let me borrow some compression socks.  I have been sporting those bad boys every day, and they work!  I still have some days where my ankles are a little puffy, but no pitting edema! I was instructed to continue to limit my salt intake, including my Thanksgiving meal.  That is going to be tough! We start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now, and at our next appointment I will do the glucose test to check for gestational diabetes.  Most people say the drink is really terrible, and one person has said it was not that bad.  I have my sugary drink already, and I will drink it the morning of the appointment.  Fingers crossed for a blood sugar less than 134 one hour after I finish the drink!
Lillian is still on the move most of the time.  I did experience her having hiccups the other night and that was really weird.  I thought at first she was seizing or something?!  You can really see her move around and see my belly change shape when she does.  I think it's super creepy and way cool all at the same time.
Jon and I went to our second baby class this week.  This one was called "The Happiest Baby on the Block."  It is based on using the 5 S's (swaddle, side or stomach position, swing, shush, and suck) to trigger a baby's calming reflex.  It was interesting for sure, even though the doc who came up with the theory seems a little bit weirdo.  I'm sure Jon and I will definitely put what we learned to practice when Lillian is crying, and hope that it works!
Not much else is new this week, besides the fact that I have been battling a horrible cold.  There is not much a pregnant girl can take, so I have been doing my best to be patient and let my body fight it off.  I am actually starting to feel better, which is so good, because who wants to be sick on Thanksgiving?!
Oh and the latest thing I was told...
A male patient asked me how much weight I have gained, and as I sat and thought about the exact number, he interrupts my thought process with "too much huh?"  so I smiled and replied "yea, probably" in which he responds by laughing hysterically and saying "yea, I thought so"  What a butthead!  People really should think before they speak (or maybe I should not think before I speak and come back with something just as ugly to say)!

Monday, November 19, 2012

LSU vs Miss St

Every year the ENO crew gets together for a LSU game.  I was never able to go because I was working, until this year.   Jon and I planned on going as soon as we knew the date.  I was really looking forward to it.  I had never watched a game from inside the stadium! (I was in Baton Rouge quite a few times in college for games, but never made it in to the stadium for the game) Then Jon got hurt, and we had no idea how we were going to tailgate and make it to the game with him on crutches.  Then he got a wheelchair and decided to call the ticket office to see if they could accommodate.  We ended up being able to sit in the handicapped/wheelchair section with an awesome view!
The morning of the game we got up with the sun (or maybe before) and got ready and headed to the campus.  Fortunately we were following Nathan, Kelli, and Terry's lead because Jon and I were rookie tailgaters.  We found our spot and got things set up.  A little before lunch the rest of the crew made it out.  Terry and Nathan whipped up some wonderful jambalaya in a cast iron pot that is at least a century old!  It was probably some of the best jambalaya I've ever eaten!  We took a walk to pick up our tickets from will call and to see Mike the tiger in his cage.  We went back to our tailgating spot and hung out until game time.  Of course we then made our way to the stadium to watch the tigers defeat the bulldogs.  It was a really great time and I'm so glad we were able to go this year!
Terry & Nathan aka The Cooks

Kelli & me

tailgating with the hubby

view from our seats

LSU vs Miss St game

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wheelchair Adventures

Not too long after Jon had been hopping along on crutches we realized that a wheelchair would really be helpful. He talked to the doctor and they wrote him a prescription for a wheelchair. One afternoon we went to the medical supply company and picked out a wheelchair to rent. As funny as it sounds, it has really been helpful for him. It gets pretty tough using crutches for long periods of time.
Our first wheelchair adventure was out shopping for furniture. It was a little tough maneuvering the chair around all the furniture in the stores, but we made do.

The next time it really came in handy was registering for Lillian at Target. Although once it got busy at the store, it was a little more difficult because the aisles are not very wide and a lot of people are inconsiderate.
We also went on an adventure to the state fair in the wheelchair. The hardest part of that was the fact that it was really hot outside and the sun was beaming down. I must say it is good exercise!

Speaking of exercise, we did take the wheelchair to the park. The doctor told me to start walking more so that's what I've been doing.  Walking the park as I pushed my husband in his wheelchair.  I'm sure it was a sight to see, but it worked for us!
Our last adventure in the wheelchair was to Death Valley to cheer on the tigers as they played Mississippi State.  We had been planning to go to the game for quite some time, and then Jon got hurt, so that threw a kink in the plans.  He decided to call the ticket office and see what was available since he would be in a wheelchair.  Well my friends, we scored big time!  We got to sit in the handicapped/wheelchair section, and those were some great seats!

We turned the wheelchair back in to the company this past week.  It was a little was actually a joyous event! Jon is now in a walking boot and getting around without crutches!  So very thankful! 
I have learned a few unfortunate things since Jon was using a wheelchair....
1- there are numerous places that are not handicapped accessible or friendly
2- so many people are really inconsiderate
3- wheelchairs are hard to drive
I now have a better understanding for those that are wheelchair bound and I will make a conscious effort from here on out to really help them when I can!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

25 weeks

Some days I feel like this pregnancy is flying by and others I feel like I have been pregnant forever! This week I am feeling like I have been pregnant for years. I don't feel bad at all, just pregnant. The cankles are back! We went to Baton Rouge this past weekend and after sitting around tailgating the edema reared it's ugly head. I had to call the doctor to let her know and of course I have to go in so she can see me and check things out. This girl can not, and I repeat, CAN NOT go on bed rest! I vow to walk more and be very strict on my salt intake! We have to get a handle on this now!
On another note, Lillian remains an active girl! She moves and kicks and punches all throughout the day now! It really is a cool feeling! Each day I am more anxious about meeting her and seeing what she looks like, but of course I can, and will, definitely wait 15 more weeks.
Tonight Jon and I are attending our first class to help us prepare for our sweet baby girl. We are excited to go to these classes and hear and learn everything they have to teach us! People always say you are never truly prepared for a baby, but we are surely trying!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Continuing to Recover

Jon is still on the road to recovery. He has been sporting this blue cast for a little over 2 weeks now.

Less than a week with it to go, then it is back to the walking cast. I know he is so ready for that day (and I am too)! He is really tired of using crutches or being pushed in a wheelchair.
When they removed the splint cast and put the hard cast on, he was able to see the incision. He snapped a few pics for me because I couldn't be there. They did remove all the sutures, but here is what it looked like before they did.

I was surprised at how long the incision is! Hopefully it won't leave too nasty of a scar!
At his next appointment (in about a week) he will get the cast off and be put back in the walking boot. At that time he will also find out when he will start physical therapy and how long that will last. We imagine PT to be pretty tough at the beginning because he has not used that foot/ankle at all in over a month. I know he will do great though, he's very determined to have a perfect recovery!

Monday, November 5, 2012

24 weeks = 6 months

We have made it to 24 weeks! Its crazy to think I have been pregnant for 6 months! Before I was pregnant I never understood keeping up with your pregnancy in weeks, but now I see why. Each new week brings on a whole new chapter for baby! They say 24 weeks is when the fetus is viable. That's a big accomplishment!
Lillian is still an active girl, and now Jon is able to feel her kick and move. It's so sweet to see his face light up every time he feels her move! We started putting earphones to my belly and playing music for her. I think we may have a dancer on our hands because she moves more when the music is playing. It is so cool!
My cankles are pretty much all gone. I still have days here and there when my ankles swell a tiny bit, but nothing like before! I am so very thankful! My reflux has been more annoying lately despite continuing to take Protonix every day. Not sure what that's all about. At least I have Tums to turn to!  My belly is sure growing, and my belly button is starting to look like it is squinting!
We registered for goodies for Lillian at Ladies in Waiting and Target. It was a lot of fun! The salesperson at LIW was very helpful and had us laughing a lot! Jon enjoyed registering at Target because he was able to use the scanner gun. Registering and looking in to all the things available for babies these days was interesting. They make all sorts of things that seem really helpful and then there are things that seem really pointless. One thing I do know is baby stuff can be really expensive!
The outfit I ordered for Lillian finally came in and it is super cute!

I'm not usually an animal print or pink kind of girl,
but Lillian is changing me!
Jon and I are trying to start preparing more for her arrival. In the coming weeks we will be going to all sorts of classes to help us learn about her and what to do when she arrives. I am anxious to start on her nursery, but we will be waiting until Jon is fully recovered before we start all that. My parents bought Lillian an antique dresser that I am going to refinish and use for her changing table. I'm really excited about that project! It will definitely be a post of its own.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


22 weeks of pregnancy brings cankles.  That's right my friends, cankles!  You know when there is no separation or difference in the calf and the ankle, when it is all the same size.  To help these cankles our nights consist of Jon and I sitting together with our legs propped up.  The doctor is somewhat concerned about my swelling feet and calves, so she has instructed me to really put a limit to my salt intake. I have to go back to see her if they do not improve or get worse within a week.  So it looks like our going out to eat days are going to be few and far between because trying to cut back on salt when you go to a restaurant is really hard! I also have to start walking.  The amount of weight I gained in the last 4 weeks was more than the amount I gained in the whole first trimester!  So I suppose Jon and I will be loading up the wheelchair and heading to the park to go on walks in the evenings.  This girl is determined to do everything in my power to stay off of bed rest, and I'm afraid that if I don't get these things better managed now, it could easily spiral out of control.  Keep in mind I am only 22 weeks pregnant, which means I am barely over half way to the end.
[the right cankle]

One thing that has been bothering me for over a week now is my right ear.  At first I was convinced that a bug had crawled in my ear while I was sleeping and it was trying to make its way back out.  The PA at work looked in my ear and said it was all clear.  It really feels like something is crawling in my ear or tickling my ear.  I thought maybe it was some hair, but when my hair is completely pulled back away from my ear I still feel the tickling.  It's driving me bonkers!  I know this most likely has nothing to do with being pregnant, it just so happens to be going on while I am pregnant.
I'm continuing to take Protonix on a daily basis to help with reflux and thankfully it is still helping.  I still have a decent amount of energy these days, which is very helpful with Jon being on the injured list.

Lillian is an active little thing in the mornings and the evenings.  She may be active all day, but I am usually active during the day too, so I may not be paying attention as much.  Jon was able to feel her move the other day.  He was pretty excited and wanted her to move more, and she did, but she is not strong enough or big enough or whatever to be felt by him all the time.  I feel like that day is not far away.  Her heart rate was a strong 145 at the doctor's office.  It is still so awesome to hear that sound!

I did buy the first thing for her the other day, a super cute zebra print pants and shirt outfit.  I ordered it online and can't wait for it to come in.   I think I have decided on her bedding and will hopefully be ordering it within the next few weeks.

[my 22 week belly]