Friday, April 10, 2009

Update on Moving Status

Jon and I are still thinking about moving back to Shreveport.  We love living here, but we are missing home pretty bad.  Jon has an interview in 2 weeks at the hospital he really wants to work at in Shreveport.  The manager told him that there were 3 people leaving, but he doesn't know how many people they will hire to replace those leaving because they are already overstaffed.  If they do hire someone, it won't be until late July or early August.  I went ahead and applied for a job at a children's hospital in Shreveport, but I have not heard anything back.  If we do move back we would like to buy/build a house.  We found a neighborhood that we would love to build in, but we have to find a builder who can build a house in our price range that meets the qualifications of the neighborhood.  Another thing we are thinking about is that if we build, we would have to start building no later than July/August and keep our fingers crossed that it would be finished in time to close by December 1st, that way we would be able to receive the tax credit being offered right now.  If we can not find a builder to build what we want, where we want, for the price we can afford, we will start to look for a house once we find jobs.  It's a lot going on, but it's pretty much all in slow motion.  Basically Jon and I both have to have a builder lined up ready to build (if we find one that works out for us), then we have to both find a job, give the builder the word (or contact a realtor to find us a house), and move home and live with our parents until our house is built (or we find a house we like).  It's a waiting game now and then once we find jobs the race will be on.  I have prayed about this for a while now, and I feel this is what we are supposed to do.  If we do not find jobs in Shreveport that we want, then it was just not meant to be.  I am doing my part, Jon is doing his part, and God, well of course he's putting his plan to work.  We'll see what happens...

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