Monday, July 27, 2009

I haven't updated in a while, and I don't have a legitimate excuse really. We have been busy, but not with anything new. I finished with my orientation in the PICU (well actually I am currently working my last shift on orientation as I type this blog). I am loving it so far. It is a lot different from H/O and Cook, but it is still wonderful! I am happy with the decision I made to move, although I do miss my friends in Fort Worth. Speaking of...Jon and I went to Fort Worth for a quick trip this past Wednesday and Thursday. We met Cindy (from Cook) and her daughter at a restaurant called "Twisted Root." It was a neat place! Once you order your food you get a name of a famous person, instead of a number, and mine was Jenna Jameson and Cindy's was Oprah. That was pretty entertaining! After lunch we met a man from a moving company at the apartment and finally got the quote for the move...$3300!! Thank goodness my new job is going to pay for it (at least we are hoping! I will find out for sure later today) Wednesday night we met Jon's uncle Jimmy at his favorite mexican spot in Dallas, Mia's. It was also very good! Later that night I had to make a trip to Cook and visit my people! Thursday we went to Dallas and had lunch with Jon's uncle Jeff and then went to pick out granite for our kitchen and bathrooms! It was a quick trip, but I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend with Jon and also with his family and my friends in Fort Worth!
The house is coming along! I need to post some pics on here, I know. They have poured the slab, framed it, put shingles on, and wired the electricity! The brick is supposed to be put on this week! I am so excited about that! We debated about what brick to use and then once we decided, we had to then decide what mortar and how to do the mortar...too many decisions! I am enjoying building the house, although it is a bit overwhelming at times. I do know that I am ready for it to be finished so I can move in! Living with my parents is really not bad, in fact it's a good thing, but I miss having my own place.
Jon is enjoying his job. He is still on orientation, working days, and he is so ready to be on his own and working nights (I am too!). We don't see each other on the days we are working because he is on days and I am on nights, but at least we have the same days off! He did get an e-mail from the job where he first interviewed in Shreveport (the job he really wanted) saying they had a position open and they wanted to know if he was still interested. Unfortunately he signed a contract where he is, so he has to stay put for 2 years. He was a little disappointed, but also very flattered because apparently 30 other people applied for the job.
That's basically where we are now. Just working, living with our parents, trying to save money, and patiently waiting for our house to be built. Until next time...

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