Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh the things that can happen in a year...

So it's been over a year since I have posted anything and I decided to get back in to it. Lots of things have happened in the last year! Short recap with pictures...

I started a new job in a PICU here in Shreveport... (tie dye day at work)
I really love my job, and I am very thankful to be able to take care of kids every day! It is such a rewarding and fun job! The people I work with are really great too, which always helps make work more enjoyable!

After 8 months, that seemed like an eternity, Jon and I were able to move in to our first new house! We had it built and were able to pick everything out and make it our very own! It was so much fun!!

Jon and I did not take a big vacation this year, but we have made a few short weekend trips to visit family and friends.
We went to Fort Worth for the weekend and stayed with our favorite couple, Adrianne and Ruben. We made it to a Rangers game and had the best seats, thanks to Jon's Uncle Jimmy!
Fourth of July weekend we took a trip to Dallas with Jon's parents to visit his uncles. We went to eat at some great places, went shopping, watched the Addison firework show, and even made it to Prestonwood for church. It is always a lot of fun to visit with Jon's family!

Last but not least we went to New Orleans so that Jon could visit LSU-New Orleans CRNA school open house. We had the chance to visit with our friend James who is currently in CRNA school there now. It was such a fun trip and great to get to visit with James!!

Most importantly Jon and I got in engaged this year!! Yahooo!!
Jon took me to eat at The Mabry House for my birthday and we sat at the chef's table. The food was outstanding and the surprise proposal was even better! As you can see in the picture above, I was so excited! We immediately started picking out a date and planning the wedding! I'm sure that most of my post to follow will be about wedding planning, because that seems to be what takes up most of my time these days!

To sum it up...Life in the past year has been very eventful, and I am very blessed and thankful for the life He has given me!

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