Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Shine on Line

Halloween is always a fun time of year.  You go to haunted houses, get dressed up and trick or treat (well, not so much me anymore), carve get my point.  Every year one of the local private schools, Southfield, puts on the Pumpkin Shine on Line.  It is a contest in which other area schools enter pumpkins and they line the walk way at one of the parks in town and everyone can go check them out.  All of the proceeds from entering the contest go to improvements in the park.  Jon and I have been going for as long as we have been together.  We always love seeing all the creative things people think of to do with pumpkins.  Here are a few of the pictures from this years Pumpkin Shine on Line.
-me and the hubby-

-Nightmare before Christmas-

-Geaux LSU!!-

-we love Despicable Me!!-

-pretty fish-

-Spongebob's pineapple under the sea-

-traditional jack o lanterns-

-rapping snowman?-

-Cinderella's carriage-

-creepy kitty-

-beehive and bees-

-Papa Smurf!-

-lion fish-
One of my favorites!



-angry pumpkins-
This year was the 20th year of the Pumpkin Shine on Line.  It is a fun and free thing to do, and I hope they continue to have it for many more years!

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MaryMargaret said...

They had so many awesome scenes this year! I love Angry Birds. Wish we could have seen them in person- the pictures are adorable!