Tuesday, June 5, 2012

fruits of his labor

I should actually have titled it "veggies of his labor."

My husband likes to plant a garden every year, but at the end of "growing season" he swears he's not doing it again.  One year, when we still lived in a tiny duplex, our super tiny porch was overgrown with all sorts of peppers!  Another year he grew grapes and tomatoes.  Our first year in our house he went all out and planted a huge garden with all types of tomatoes, blueberries, peppers, etc.  Last year he went with squash, okra (or so he thought- it ended up being cucumbers), and watermelon.  This year he again said he was not doing a garden because it's a lot of work, but we were at the nursery and he couldn't pass up a few plants.  He decided on 3 tomatoes, 4 sugar snap peas, and 4 kentucky wonder green bean plants.    So far we have had 1 little tomato, a handful of peas, and a TON of green beans!  I don't think the poor snap pea plants will survive the hot summer we are about to endure.
green beans plants

up close

We are enjoying all the green beans!  We have used them for a side dish for 2 meals and have another meal planned tomorrow that will include them.
one of the yummy meals
I know having a garden is a lot of work, and I help very minimally (I can't keep any plants alive), but I think next year I would like to plant things for a salad.  Maybe we could grow some different types of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers...it's just a thought...that I will definitely have to approve with the hubby...because like I said it will be veggies of his labor.

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