Saturday, August 31, 2013

Six Months Old

August 23, 2013

Happy 1/2 year to you, my sweet baby!  It's still hard for me to believe that you were born 6 months ago.  It seems like just yesterday your daddy and I were headed to the hospital anxious and nervous and ready to meet you.  We are very proud to be your parents and thank God for you every day.  You are still a daddy's girl.  You look like your daddy, you are dramatic like your daddy, you can't take your eyes off your daddy if he is in sight, it truly melts my heart.  Sitting up (all by yourself) is your favorite position because you get a better view of everything.  This big world is so amazing to you and you take it all in as much as you can.   When we are out in public, people are always stopping to speak to you and almost always tell us how beautiful and adorable you are.  You definitely capture strangers hearts with your precious smile and happy spirit. Mommy is still so proud of what a good sleeper you are (that must be one of the only things you get from me).  You will only nap in your swing, so we had to move the swing to your room so you would take longer naps.  So far our plan has worked.  Size three month clothes are finally too small and 6 month are fitting just right.  You are still long and skinny (40th percentile on your weight and 80th percentile on your height).  We have started feeding you "solids."  Some days you love to eat and others you could care less.  Acorn squash, sweet potatoes, and pears are your favorite things to eat so far.  You don't care too much for avocado and green beans make you have an upset tummy.  You are still taking your bottles during the day, and daddy had to start giving you more milk with each bottle because you are a hungry little girl.  We thought you might be teething because you are a drooling machine and everything you get your hands on goes to your mouth, but your doctor told us that she didn't think you were just yet.  We did find out from the doctor that you inherited your daddy's sensitive skin and you have eczema.  We have to make sure to lather you up with lotion after your baths!  Speaking of baths, that's one of your favorite times of the day.  You are now splashing your feet and playing with toys in the tub.  It's so precious to see your eyes light up when you go in to the bathroom and your bath water is running.  Your personality really shines these days and makes us laugh often.  When you get really excited about different things and you will scrunch your nose and make panting noises.  It is too cute!  Charley and Annabelle always check on you when you play on the floor and you think it's really funny.  I know you will have lots of fun playing with them when you can get around the house on your own.  I am loving watching you grow and learn and do new things.  I can't tell you enough how proud I am of you and the little lady you are becoming.  I hope you know how much your daddy and I love you today and always!
All my love,

Weight: 15 lbs 7 oz
Length: 26.5 in

Things she is loving: sitting up, swinging outside (or doing anything outside),
Charley and Annabelle

Things she is not a fan of:  not being in the bath by 8PM, laying on her back 

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