Monday, September 30, 2013

Seven Months Old

September 23, 2013

What a lovely 7 month old you are! You amaze me everyday with all that you are learning and the new things you are doing.  Your sweet personality shines so bright and is so contagious.  You can make anyone's day brighter with your sweet smile.  This past month you have started crawling, really scooting, all over the place.  If we take our eyes off of you for more than a minute you end up on the other side of the room.  One of your favorite things to do is crawl after Charley and Annabelle, but they are still too fast for you to catch them.  You also love getting around the house in your walker.  Your daddy and I better get the house "baby proofed" soon because I'm sure it won't be long before you are in to everything.  We went to church for the first time since you were born and that ended up not going so well.  You have pretty bad separation anxiety and if you are with someone you don't recognize and you do not see me or your daddy you get really upset.  The ladies in the nursery at church said you did pretty good for your first time, but we are fairly certain you cried the whole time.  Your daddy and I felt terrible, so we have not been back.  For about a week this past month you dealt with a cold.  You never had fever, but you did have a very congested nose and a puny cough.  You grew to really despise the bulb suction.  During that week you never could get totally comfortable at night while you were sleeping, so we both didn't get much sleep.  I'm glad that is over, and you are back to sleeping all night again.   We have really been introducing you to all sorts of food.  You have turned in to quite the eater, but only when you are in the mood.  Oatmeal is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast and your daddy said you really have the hang of it.  Now that you sit in the high chair at restaurants, you love going out to eat.  Of course you end up being the center of all the attention.  With all the eating you have been doing, you have also been putting on some weight.  You are still long and lean, but you have definitely added a few pounds.  We went to the doctor a week or so ago and you were weighing in at 16 1/2 pounds.  You are wearing mostly 6 month clothes but some 9 month clothes fit.  Your Nonna has bought you so many precious clothes lately, and I can't wait for you to wear them.  Bath time is still one of your favorite parts of the day.  We started giving you a bath earlier because you now like to go to bed earlier.     You usually get in the bath around 7:30 PM and are asleep by 8:30 PM.  You have been waking up between 7 and 8 in the morning.  Mommy and Daddy love that you love to sleep like we do!  Daddy said you take 2 naps a day.  When you are not sleeping you are playing.  Between your jumper, your walker, and playing on the floor on your mat, you are a busy little girl.  You still love to talk and now you love to blow spit bubbles.  Sometimes you find blowing bubbles so funny that you laugh so loud that it makes us laugh too!  You bring me so much joy and happiness!  I love you more than you will ever know!  Thank you for being such a sweet and loving baby!
All my love baby girl,

Things she is loving: crawling around everywhere, 
getting around the house in her walker, trying new foods, blowing spit bubbles,
sitting in the shopping cart or high chair

Things she is not a fan of: being away from mommy and daddy, 
being awake past 9PM

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