Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eight Months Old

October 23, 2013

My sweet punkin, you make me one happy mommy!  You are such a sweet and fun 8 month old! You are continuing to crawl all over the place, and now you pull up on anything you can.  Your new found freedom of standing to see the world is amazing to you.  Your smile has changed a bit over the last month and you now squint your eyes and have a true wide smile, it's adorable!  You have figured out what a kiss is all about and you like to kiss your mommy and daddy, especially when you first wake up.  It warms my heart when you grab my face and plant a slobbery kiss on me!  We have been dealing with the pain of teething lately, but you are a trooper and handling it fairly well.  A little Tylenol and some teething tablets seem to really help.  You have two teeth on the bottom, and I think your two front top teeth will be next to make their appearance.  You are continuing to grow like a weed.  Nine month size clothes are fitting just right and you can even wear some size 12 month pants (it's those long legs you have going for you!).  Eating is not always your favorite thing, but you get the job done.  You love to eat your oatmeal for breakfast, but you would definitely go without eating dinner if I would let you.  A lot of your vegetables have to be masked with fruit for you to eat them.  These days you are starting to make true sounds and syllables instead of random babble.  You are saying "da," "ba," th, and k sounds.  I keep trying really hard to teach you "mama,"  but I'm thinking you will say "dada" first.  You love me, but you are a daddy's girl.  He can make you laugh no matter what mood you may be in.  You find it so funny when he tickles your feet or kisses your belly or back. It's the sweetest thing ever to see how much you love your daddy!  You are doing better about communicating your likes and dislikes to us.  If you like something it is always obvious with your smile or excited gestures, and when you don't like something you will grunt and push things away from you. Baby girl, you make your daddy and I so proud and we are enjoying every single minute of being your parents.  Life is so much more enjoyable with you around!
All my love,

Things she is loving: standing (holding on to something), 
oatmeal, taking a bath, 
people watching when we are in public

Things she is not a fan of: teething, 
being away from mommy and daddy,

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