Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tis the Season

Every year Christmas seems to sneak up on me. I end up frantically running around at the last minute to finish shopping. I put out my decorations so late its almost pointless. I quickly lose sight of the meaning of Christmas because I become so wrapped up in the stress of the unnecessary. This year I vowed to be different. 
Lillian is at such a fun and precious age, which makes Christmas so much more fun and meaningful.  Jon and I have really tried to focus on spending time as a family celebrating this special holiday.  We went and picked out our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving (in the rain might I add).  We had a lot of fun decorating it and even more fun watching Lillian help.  She would get so excited after hanging each ornament on the tree.  The first weekend in December we took a trip to Dallas for the Gift of Christmas at Prestonwood church.  It is always so entertaining and really gets you into the Christmas spirit.  The following week Jon and I ran in a Christmas 5k downtown.  The streets were decorated and lit for Christmas.  There were carolers along the course singing.  It was so much fun! About a week later we drove to Jefferson, TX one evening and rode a Christmas train.  It was not as exciting as I had hoped for, but Lillian really enjoyed it. After the train ride Lillian rode a carousel for the first time and loved it! (She keeps calling it a Ferris wheel) The following weekend we drive to Dallas again and spent time with Jon's side of the family. We went to the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord, where Lillian kept wanting to lick all the ice. We really enjoyed spending quality time with family we don't see often.  Somewhere in between all that we found time to put up Christmas lights on our house, Lillian had a birthday party for Jesus at school, and I sent out Christmas cards.  Lillian visited with Santa one afternoon and was so excited. She told him she wanted a pink helmet and a pink bike, some blue toys, and a banjo.  We still plan on baking cookies for Santa and a birthday cake for Jesus. 
Although I still have presents to buy and wrap, food to prepare, and a messy house, we have surely enjoyed celebrating Christmas. 
I hope to instill the importance of Christmas and Christ's birth in Lillian.  I hope she never loses sight of the real meaning of Christmas and always believes in the magic as well. 

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.  Psalm 126:3

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