Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back to Reality

So, I'm back at work after a week long vacation.  I really enjoyed my time off of work and away from home, especially since I spent it laid out on the beach listening to the waves.  To be honest, though, I did miss home, and I most definitely missed my dogs!   It was so awesome to pick them up and see how excited they were to see us!  I think we were just as excited to see them too! :) are a few pictures from the trip.  (Most of the pictures were not so cute, so I'm only sharing a few!)
 Jon and I ordered a "Mother Fokker" @ a pizza place called Fokkers
 Me with the younger, but not so little, brother
 Me and the sis at AJ's

 We decided to go ride go-carts and I can assure you we were the oldest ones there!

 Me and the hubs! :)

Below: the crew before parasailing

This is what I did most of the time...wore my awesome hat from Marley Lilly, read my Nook, and relaxed! It was nice! I hope you find time to relax and "getaway" from reality!

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