Tuesday, August 28, 2012

birthday, babies, and pickles...

This past weekend we took a quick trip to Forth Worth to visit Adrianne and Ruben and celebrate their baby, Julian's, 1st birthday.  Adrianne went all out planning for this celebration under the "Big Top."  Here are a few pictures from the party...
some of the goodies

Adrianne made this!!

I can't believe Julian is already a year old!  He is such a happy kid! We always enjoy visiting with them and wish that we could make it over to Fort Worth more often.

While we were over there we stopped at a few stores that we don't have here in the Port City.  One of those being Buy Buy Baby.  If you are not familiar with this store, it is owned by the same company as Bed Bath & Beyond and basically is just the same but all baby things.  I walked in the store (it was my first time) and told Jon that I thought it was awesome and overwhelming!  They have everything you could ever want and/or need and them some!  We saw quite a few things that we feel would be unnecessary but other things that we definitely needed.  Surprisingly we didn't buy anything.  I think mainly because we are waiting to see if Tiny Cox will be a boy or a girl.
Another place we stopped at was Central Market, which is one of my favorite places ever!  I stocked up on some fruity candy and we picked up a few other things, including lobster tails and mussels.  Jon cooked the lobster and mussels last night for dinner, along with twice backed potatoes and salad...talk about delicious!! (I didn't indulge in the mussels)  While we were at the store I spotted this pregnant girl's best friend...
A pickle bar! They had all sorts of different flavored pickles!  I played it safe and bought a few of the New York Super Sour Pickles.  They are super sour and super good at that!
We have and OB appointment this week, which is always something we look forward to these days.  Unfortunately they are not planning on doing an ultrasound this time, so we will have to wait a few weeks to find out what gender Tiny Cox may be.  The anticipation is starting to wear on me!!  I'm still pretty certain it is a girl, soon enough we will see.

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