Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm baaack!

Well at least that is how I feel!  I am back to my somewhat normal self! We are officially in the 2nd trimester! Yahoo!! The nausea has definitely subsided, and I feel as though I have a little more energy than I did.  (Don't tell my husband- I still need an excuse to take naps! jk)  Now if the 'teenage boy going through puberty' acne would disappear I would be ecstatic!  The only new thing lately I have been dealing with is headaches.  Now we know that headaches are not a new thing for me, but they were gone for a while.  The only problem now is that Tylenol is all I can take and that does not cut it!  We see the doc next week and I am hoping she will have some answers or maybe they will go away by then (and stay away!)
Some days I feel like I actually look pregnant and some days I feel like I have a beer gut.  By the end of most days though, I definitely have a belly, but it magically seems to disappear when I wake up in the mornings?! Who knows?!
We are getting more excited and anxious to find out if Tiny is a boy or a girl.  My gut feeling is a girl.  I keep asking Jon what he thinks Tiny will be and he never has an answer.  He claims he doesn't have a "gut feeling" about it.  I truly thinks he just wants a boy and doesn't want to admit it, so he's trying to stay neutral.  He did say that he wants to have a gender reveal party, and because of the party planner I am, that made me excited!  I have it all planned out in my head, but we just have to see what's going on in our lives when it's time to reveal.  (Mainly if our house is sold, where we are living, etc.)
I guess I'll go find a snack (probably a pickle and some fruity candy since that's what I always want these days) and try to figure out what to cook for dinner...

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Kay Sour said...

Pickles! Got to love them! I love a good party let me know if I can help at all.