Saturday, August 18, 2012

First comes love...

then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage!  That's right my friends, Jon and I are pregnant! Yes, the hubby considers himself pregnant too.  Don't you know it takes a team to grow a baby?!  And believe me, growing a baby is hard work!  I wasn't exactly sure what I had in store for me, but I'm just taking it all in and making the most of each day!
We found out about Tiny Cox the first week I started my new job! Yea, it was a bit of a shock, but a sweet shock none-the-less.  I had to immediately tell the people I work with because I am not to mix chemo (which is a big part of my job) while preggers.  They are all very understanding and helpful! I am so thankful for that!
Jon is over the moon excited about being a dad, and it always puts a huge smile on my face!  I know that he will be a wonderful father!  He has been so supportive and helpful so far with this pregnancy and the unknowns that have come with it!
We have known for quite a few weeks that we are expecting, and it has been the hardest secret to keep!  We did tell our parents almost right away.  We went out to my parents house one evening with each of them a gift in hand.  I bought my mom the children's book titled "Grandma and Me" and my step-dad the children's book titled "Grandpa and Me" both by Mercer Mayer.  Inside each book I wrote a poem from the unborn baby.  They are both really excited!  The next morning we went to breakfast with Jon's parents.  We arrived a few minutes early and put our reveal plan in to place.  When Jon's parents arrived and ordered coffee the waiter did just as we asked and brought out their coffee in mugs we provided.  The MIL's mug read "There is no love like grandma's love" and the FIL's mug read "New Grandpa."  They both noticed they had different mugs than usual but it didn't register why.  Jon had to end up telling them the reason for the mugs.  They are both very excited as well!
We are just around the corner from the 2nd trimester. I'm hoping that I will soon have more energy and less nausea!


MaryMargaret said...

Congratulations again! I am so excited for you guys, and I'm definitely crossing my fingers for your nausea to go away soon!

Kay Sour said...

YAY!!! Are babies are going to be BFFs! I am so excited for you guys! Yall are going to be amazing parents. Praying second trimester brings feeling better.