Saturday, May 18, 2013

Baby Weight

What happened to becoming "one hot momma"?  I believe that was just wishful thinking!  I told Jon that I was tired of continuing to wear maternity clothes or baggy clothes so he told me to go shopping to get some new clothes that fit.  Off I went this evening to find some cute new clothes to make me feel good when I would get dressed.  Epic fail!  I didn't like anything I tried on!  I started with some skinny jeans.  I should have known simply by the name of them that they weren't for me!  OMG-talk about awkward looking! They are so cute on everyone else, just not this girl!  I then tried on some shorts and "flowy" shirts.  I looked like a tree stump.  Needless to say it was so depressing to go shopping today!  I am still about 18 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and trying on clothes made that very clear!  My wedding band and engagement ring still do not fit! I ended up buying a fake ring to wear until I am able to fit in the real deal.   I know that I had a baby not even 3 months ago, but if I don't start doing something I will never lose this excess weight.  I need someone to drag my butt to the gym, or around the block, or somewhere that involves exercise.  I am not a "dieter."  In fact, I LOVE to eat and when I try to diet I feel as though I am starving myself.  I don't mind exercising, I actually enjoy it.  I just need to find time and make myself do it!  Who wants to be my free personal trainer? :)

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We can do it together!