Thursday, May 30, 2013

And then it was all pink!

I made a big boo boo when I did the laundry the other day! I have always washed all of Lillian's clothes together, never separating white and colored. Big mistake on my part this time. In with all her clothes was a new reddish pink dress. Next thing I know, all of her clothes were some shade of pink and some had pink splotches on them. I was so upset with myself! The first thing I did to try to fix the problem was to rewash it all and add some bleach, didn't work! I then turned to Facebook for help. I got quite a few responses with suggestions to try. One of my coworkers told me to soak the clothes in Oxiclean and then wash them with a color catcher sheet. Her husband was even so kind to bring me the needed supplies. I came home that evening and started soaking the clothes. The next morning I washed them with the color catcher sheet. Problem still not solved. So I then decided to try another way that was suggested but I had to go get the supplies needed. I went to three different stores in search of Clorox 2 powder but could not find it. Instead I found Carbona. After reading the sales pitch on the box I decided to give it a try. I dissolved the stuff in water and soaked the clothes. A few hours later my problem was SOLVED! All the white parts were white again and the pink splotchy areas were gone too. I did have another problem on my hands though. A few of her outfits had been faded and looked as though they could have been clothes I wore as an infant! I washed all of them with Dreft like usual and dried them. Voila! Everything but three outfits were good as new. I decided that losing three outfits, as opposed to about 8 other outfits, 3 pairs of socks, 5 burp cloths, a towel and a blanket, was quite alright. Lesson learned... separate Lillian's clothes just like I do ours!
*the infamous dress*

*supplies for my 2nd attempt*
*the winner*

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