Sunday, June 2, 2013

No Farms No Food

The Shreveport Farmer's Market started yesterday. It's always one of my favorite things this time of the year. It is held on Saturday morning from 7-12 and Tuesday evening from 3-6. This past Saturday we got up and about early and headed downtown to see what we could find. Lillian got to experience her first Shreveport Farmer's Market! It was very crowded and already hot outside. We were wanting squash and strawberries. We did find 2 eight ball squash/zucchini so we snatched those up. I had never heard of them before last year when we found them at the market. We did not see any strawberries that looked good to us, but we did end up with some other goodies. A booth out there called Comfort Food was selling pre-made meals and mixes, so we bought cinnamon rolls from them that sounded delicious. Can't wait to try them! We also came across a dairy farmer's booth who was selling fresh milk, heavy cream, and butter. We were intrigued and decided to buy a half gallon of their chocolate milk. It should go good with a cinnamon roll! We will have to go earlier in the morning next time because a lot of the booths were sold out of things we would have bought. I'm glad Shreveport offers a farmer's market! It is a good thing for people to do with their families, it helps the farmers, and it introduces people to new foods and experiences!

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