Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Weekend

via pictures...
**WARNING** picture overload ahead **

I was in the mood to take pictures this weekend.  We didn't do anything super special, but I snapped lots of pics anyway.

Lillian sitting in her daddy's lap at Another Broken Egg.

They were watching us do yard work.

I took a pic when he wasn't looking.

Sweet Charley hanging out with Lillian

I put my sun hat on to weed the flower bed.

Annabelle was following me everywhere and loving the outdoors!

Jon marinated some steaks that he grilled on Sunday night

Lillian played while her daddy grilled

I made a salad with some of our goods from the Farmer's Market.

We ended our weekend with this beautiful rainbow.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Ours was not very eventful but it was filled with quality time spent together and you can't beat that!

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