Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Precious Time

I have had so much fun this past weekend!!  Jon and I finally had a whole weekend off together!  Friday I made dinner, red beans and rice, and we hung around the house because Jon had worked that day and was pretty sleepy.  Saturday we woke up bright and early and ventured to Dallas to the museum to see the King Tut exhibit.  It was very interesting!  After the museum we went to the Northpark mall and did lots of shopping.  I was just looking for a dress for a Christmas party, but Jon racked up on some clothes!  We were there so long and we never even made it to the second level! We drove back to Fort Worth and went straight to Joe T Garcia's!  It was exactly what we needed after walking all day, and it was delicious, as always!  That night we just hung around the house because we were both pretty tired from the busy day.  Sunday we woke up and made pecan waffles..YUMM!  Then we went to see Role Models, which was hilarious! Since we went to the matinee movie, we had the whole afternoon left to do things.  We couldn't come up with anything to do besides eat! :)  Jon was in the mood for some barbeque and we wanted to try some place new, so we went to Red, Hot, & Blue.  It was just what we wanted! Perfect!  We came home stuffed and laid around on the couch and watched the American Music Awards.  Monday we woke up and planned on making German pancakes, but we didn't have all the cooking supplies we needed, so Jon made us a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, and biscuits! (If you didn't already know, we love to eat!)  We spent the afternoon looking for Christmas trees, but we never found one we really liked.  I did get a pretty wreathe for the front door, which I am super excited about!  We ended our fun weekend curled up on the couch drinking homemade hot chocolate and catching up on Grey's Anatomy.  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend or someone better to spend it with! 

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.  
- Dr. Seuss

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