Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh My Deer!

I know quite a few people who cringe at the thought of eating "wild game."  I, on the other hand, find it a nice alternative to beef.  My husband is not a hunter so we don't always have an abundance of wild game in the freezer.  This year we were given some deer meat from my parents and also Jon "split a deer" with one of his co-workers, so our freezer is stocked a plenty this winter.  I have been trying to find different recipes to be able to use venison as a substitute.  Our first venison dinner we had was fried back strap.  Basically my husband breaded and fried the deer steaks.  They were delicious.  I believe I made okra and tomatoes and fresh pinto beans to go along with the steaks.  Next I made the wonderful chili from Annie's Eats and used ground deer meat instead of turkey.  It turned out wonderful!  Even my MIL, who is one of the ones that does not eat wild game, enjoyed the meal!   I came across the recipe for homemade taco seasoning (at Annie's Eats blog of course) and had all the ingredients, so I threw some of that together.  I then decided to make some tacos with, you guessed it, ground deer meat.  They were good, just your average taco, nothing special.  The latest creation with venison was burgers.  I can not take credit for the burger patties, that was all Jon, but I did partake in the making of homemade buns!  Jon and I had been wanting to make bread, and I came across a recipe for hamburger buns, we were sold!  We had pretty much all the ingredients, so one afternoon we started on the process and by that night we had delicious homemade burger buns for our venison burgers.

I like to experiment with food and try new things, so hopefully I can continue to find new ways of cooking this deer meat, because we definitely have a plentiful supply right now.

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