Monday, September 3, 2012


Yes, I am the first to say Thank God it's Monday! Each Monday marks another week that Tiny Cox continues to grow and develop. This Monday was also the first time, since I've graduated college, that I have had a paid holiday off from work! I have really enjoyed this long weekend! Saturday morning I had the chance to eat breakfast with a dear friend, Kelli (Ethan's mommy). I am so excited to know that she and Nathan are pregnant and due three days before us! How much fun are we going to have! That afternoon my sister made it in town. It's always nice to see her and spend time with her. She lives in Alabama so we don't get to hang out often. Sunday afternoon we spent at my parents house visiting with my sister and grandparents. This weekend was filled with family time, and I'm so thankful for that!
As I said before TGIM, and this Monday marks 15 weeks! We had a check-up with the doctor this past Thursday and everything went well. Unfortunately we did not have an ultrasound, so we don't know yet whether Tiny Cox is a boy or a girl. The doctor did use a doppler to find the heart beat, and that's always a joyous noise to hear. At the office it was 140-145 and was strong and loud! We go back at the end of the month and at that visit we will find out the gender. I am so ready to know! My sweet friend Mary let us borrow her fetal doppler and Jon and I have really enjoyed hearing Tiny's heart beat whenever we want! This morning it was loud and clear at a steady 146. I am still convinced we are having a girl and Jon is really rooting for a boy. We are trying to be patient about finding out but it's really hard! Until then we will continue to have our theories and guesses based upon old wives tales.

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Kay Sour said...

OMG I didn't know that they are pregnant. That is such a blessing. Will definitely be saying prayers for them. Sure do miss you!