Monday, February 18, 2013

39 weeks

We had our weekly appointment today. It was a few days earlier in the week than normal but that was the doctor's request. Things went well at the appointment, but were disappointing to me. I'm still 1cm dilated and 20% effaced. I have really tried this past week to get things going, but was obviously not successful. My blood pressure is still good, and I actually lost 2 pounds (guess its all the walking I have been doing). The doctor wants to see us back this Thursday and at that time we will set a date next week for induction. She doesn't want Lillian to get too big.  I know that I need to do what's best for her, but I'm definitely becoming impatient.
I am so uncomfortable these days. This swelling has really got the best of me. My right hand is constantly numb. I feel like a big butter ball. Not being able to tie my shoes is annoying.  Sleepless nights are no fun.  (I know it's just the beginning of those, but sleepless nights with a precious baby to love on will be way better than sleepless nights having to pee every hour or change position because my back is hurting)
To say I was disappointed when we left the doctor's office is an understatement.  I wanted to cry (which is not too surprising these days because I seem to cry at the drop of a hat...dang hormones).  I came home and snuggled with my sweet pups and took a nap.  It was apparently just what I needed because once I woke up I had a different outlook.  Although I am very ready, Lillian is obviously not.  I am keeping my eye on the goal, which is a healthy happy baby.  It's all in God's hands and on His timing.
On a side note, her nursery is 95% complete!   We got her bedding on Valentine's Day and immediately put it on her bed.  I love it!  It turned out perfect.  I am so thankful for Mrs. Tingle and her sewing talent!   She made our baby girl some precious bedding and saved us a ton of money!!  We put together a storage cabinet cubical thing (not sure how else to describe it), and filled it with baskets that are holding things like diapers, booty cream, wipes, know, all the essentials.  There is a built in ledge in her room that Jon put the birdcages we had on.  We still need a few more birdcages to fill up the whole ledge.  I also need to get some white shelves for one of the walls, and two mirrors, but those are just minor things.  I'm really happy with the way her nursery has turned out.
For the next few days I will do my best to be patient.  I will keep walking.  I will keep my mind on the goal.  I will continue to pray for a healthy baby and know that He will get us there.


[the bedding up close]

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