Tuesday, February 12, 2013

38 weeks

We had our weekly appointment today and it went well.  My blood pressure is still great despite my never ending swelling!  I have gained 6 lbs in the last week and I can say it has to be at least 95% fluid!  I feel so puffy.   I am a "good 1cm" dilated and there is some effacement, she just didn't give it a percentage.  Lillian is engaged because the doc said she could feel her head.  I was very happy with all of this news!  We are scheduled to go back next Monday and if I have more progression we could talk options of induction at that time.  Our doctor is not saying she is wanting to induce, she just said that at that time we could talk more seriously about it if it was something we would be interested in.  I have mixed feelings about being induced.  This week Jon and I will for sure have many discussions on what we feel we should do and we will also be praying for God to help us with this decision.  Hopefully God and Lillian have it worked out so that Jon and I don't have to make the decision and she will just make her debut all on her own.
I have not been sleeping well, which makes for a grumpy me, especially in the mornings.  The puffiness is affecting not only my hands causing the carpal tunnel, but now I am having trouble with the alignment of my teeth when I close my mouth.  My face/jaw is swollen and causing it to hurt when I close my mouth all the way.  Oh the joys of pregnancy!  Lillian is still a wiggle worm.  I hear lots of moms say that the one thing they miss about being pregnant is feeling the baby move in their tummy.  I can see why.  I still think it is such a cool feeling.  It can be uncomfortable at times, but it is still amazing to me. I have been walking as often as I can, which ended up being 3 times this past week.  As I was finishing up with my walk on Sunday I started having contractions.  Just as I thought I should start timing them they pretty much stopped.  I guess it did something though since I am dilated more this week than I was last week.
Lillian's room is pretty much finished.  We have the decal complete and it is staying on the wall, so far. We hung her bow holder and put bows on it.  I finished another DIY project and hung it above her changing table/dresser.  We still need to get some white shelves and hang them, and I want to get two mirrors to hang on either side of the latest DIY project.  Her bedding is not yet complete, but I anticipate it won't be too much longer.  We are not really pressed for time with her bedding anyway because she will be sleeping in our room in a bassinet for at least a few weeks.
This weekend I am going to try to put together some meals that can be frozen.  I have pinned quite a few options, so we will see what I can come up with.  In those first few weeks that Lillian is here I think it will definitely help to have dinner already made, be able to pull it out of the freezer and heat it up!  Oh yea, don't forget about the Meal Train!  We would be so grateful for any food people want to bring us, and we would love to see you and for you to meet our sweet Lillian!
Jon and I are really getting anxious and excited about meeting our baby girl!  We are trying to be as patient as possible!

{THE decal}

{DIY project hanging above her changing table}

{38 weeks}

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