Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday FIL!

This past Saturday Jon and I had the opportunity to have his side of the family over to our house to celebrate his father's 70th birthday.  We invited Jon's two sisters and their families and also Jon's dad's brother and his wife.  Everyone was able to make it and we were very excited about that.  We really enjoyed being able to see everyone and spend time with them.  I know that Jon's dad also had a wonderful time and that it meant the world to him for everyone to be there in his honor.  I was in charge of appetizers so I went to researching some new things that I could make and I came up with the following: Spicy Sausage Dip served with Ritz crackers and pita chips, Crack Dip served with pita chips, Drunk Dogs, and Pizza Bites. (I'll post recipes later.)  They were all a big hit!  Jon's brother in law, Bill, was in charge of the gumbo and rice and it was delicious!   How could I forget to mention that we watched the LSU Tigers beat the Georgia Bulldogs!! Now the Tigers are headed to the National Championship to whoop up on the Bama Crimson Tide again! :)    Overall, it was a really great time and a moment that I know that the FIL (Father-In-Law) will cherish for years to come!
[Jeff, Regina, and Ron (the FIL)]

[Jon with his sister Cindy and her hubby Bill]

[Happy Birthday to you!!]

[Jon's dad with his pretty and yummy cake- doesn't he make 70 look good!]

[Jon's sister Regina with her daughter, Anna Leigh, and Cindy's daughter, Abby]

[me and the MIL]

[the dad with his children!]
Jon's dad is one the kindest men I have ever met.  He has a big heart of gold and is always looking out for what's best for Jon and me.  He is a great man of God and a wonderful role-model.  He even plays tennis multiple times a week! :)

We turn not older with years, but newer every day.  ~Emily Dickinson

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