Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

Stationery card
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Every year I look forward to sending out Christmas cards.  Shutterfly has been my go to site for cards the past couple of years.  They have so many cute cards and options with each card that you just can't beat it, especially when you have a discount code you can use.  This year we did not have a professional picture taken, like we have in the past.  I waited too late to book anything, and also decided that I would rather spend that money on something for Lillian.  My sweet co-worker, Amber, let us borrow her nice camera and we had Jon's dad take our picture with it.  We took a TON of pictures but only have a few that turned out worthwhile.  I guess that's why photographers get paid so well! :)  Anyways, you can see above what our Christmas card turned out like this year.  It's not the best ever, but it's definitely not bad, especially since the photographer was free and I saved 50% off on the cards!
Happy Holidays!

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Kay Sour said...

I meant to tell you we had got it! I think it is adorable. Just think next year you get to include Lillian!