Wednesday, January 30, 2013

36 weeks

We are in our 36th week of pregnancy.  Yes, that's 9 months of being pregnant.  I'm not sure who started lying to us girls when we were younger but people always say humans carry a baby for 9 months when in actuality it's 10 months.  We had our now weekly appointment today and baby girl is still just hanging out in there.  No dilation.  She's not even engaged in my pelvis.  I was surprised by this because it sure does feel like she is!  My swelling is still there, along with the carpal tunnel.  My blood pressure is still wonderful, thankfully!  The iron I have been taking has apparently done its job because my hemoglobin is right where it should be.
I have been feeling pretty good for the most part.  I'm still uncomfortable at night trying to sleep.  I'm annoyed when I wake up in the morning and my fingers are numb, and I can hardly fix my hair or put on makeup.  My reflux has not been so bad lately and for that I am very thankful!  Lillian is still an active little girl, well maybe not so little these days.
Her nursery is coming right along.  The walls are painted. The dresser is complete and full of clothes.  All her clothes are clean and either folded and put away or hanging in the closet.  The fabric for her bedding is ordered and should be in this week.  We have all her goodies (pack n play, swing, stroller, etc.) put together and in their places.  I finished another DIY for her room that I am very happy with the outcome.  I am planning on working on another this weekend.  We still need to hang the shelves in her room.  I ordered a tree decal for her wall behind her crib, and we plan on hanging it this weekend.  I am excited that her room is finally all coming together.
I made lists of everything we need to pack in our bags, so hopefully this weekend I will get those all done.  Jon has the carseat base in his car, it's just not actually strapped in yet, but I'm sure that will be done soon too.  I am also planning within the next 2 weeks sometime to put together a few meals that can be frozen so that we will have them for those first days after we get home.  My sweet friend and co-worker, Amber, also created a meal train for us.  In case you haven't heard of a meal is a website that organizes meal giving.  Someone sets it up for the couple or person and people can go on to the website and sign up for a day to bring a meal.  It's an awesome idea and will be really helpful in those first few busy, stressful days when we get home from the hospital.  To check out our meal train just click this link...Danielle & Jon's Meal Train

{DIY decor for the nursery}

{36 weeks}

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LaynahRose said...

Lillian is a beautiful name and you have such a perfect baby bump!