Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Showered with Love

On January 12th a group of sweet friends and co-workers hosted a baby shower for me and Lillian. My sister was also one of the hostess and was able to come in town, along with my sweet friend, Adrianne, from Fort Worth. It was so wonderful and filled my heart with so much joy. I was overwhelmed with the love for me and Lillian expressed by everyone that was there! We received so many awesome gifts that I am so grateful for! Here are a few pictures from the shower...
[the beautiful-and delicious-cake my sweet friend, and now mommy, Kay had made]

[Lillian's going home outfit from my MIL]

[Kelli filled one of Ethan's baskets with goodies for Lillian-what a sentimental gift!]

[with Lillian's grandmothers]

[with the sweet hostesses-minus Kay who was headed home from the hospital with her 2 day old]

[the travel system we registered for-the gift from the wonderful hostesses]
On January 27th my sisters in law, along with my MIL and mother, hosted a beautiful baby shower for us.  It was a great time with family and friends.  I am still so thankful for all the gifts and love that everyone has shown for Lillian.  She is one blessed little girl already!!
[super cute bow holder- thankfully she is going to have a lot of hair and will need lots of bows]

[the sweet hostesses bought Lillian a swing! we will be using that often]

[with the hostesses]

[cute decor]

[more cute decor]

[the yummy cake my MIL had made]
Today at work a patient's wife gave me a blanket that she made for Lillian.  It is so beautiful and really meant a lot knowing she thought about me and our sweet baby girl.  I feel so blessed and truly loved by everyone!  I think we are officially ready for Lillian Grace!

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