Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Achilles Update

Jon is now 13 weeks post ruptured achilles repair.  What a long road to recovery it has been, but he is doing really well.  He's been out of his walking boot for about a month.  Since he's been out of the walking boot he has been going to physical therapy 3 days a week.  It's awesome to see the progress he's made in 4 weeks.  When he first got the boot off he had to use crutches for about a week because he could not put much weight on his foot.  He then was walking without crutches but with a heavy limp and almost gangster strut.  His gate has improved so much the past couple weeks!  If you weren't looking for him to limp a little, you would never notice.  I'm sure within the next couple weeks he will be walking like normal again.
He went for a check up with the doctor today and he was very impressed with the progress he has made.  He released him from PT, but of course wants him to continue to work on his calf strength and flexibility on his own.  The doctor only wants him walking, no running or jogging allowed yet.  I am just glad he is able to walk, and well at that.  I now have a walking partner again!
Who knew that an innocent game of flag football would lead to this?!  I know that accidents happen, but this sure was a doozy of an accident.  I have told Jon that it may be better if he sticks with sports without any contact, like golf! :)  I am very thankful for a successful surgery and that Jon is now almost back to his old self!

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