Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love Letter/Hate Mail

Dear Topamax,
I'm not sure how I feel about this relationship.  We have been together now for 10 days and most of my feelings for you are negative.  I do appreciate the appetite suppressant you supply,  although my love for food is still greater.   You are supposed to be making my headaches better, and not only better but non-existent, and you have done the opposite.  I have had a non-stop headache for 10 days now!  I can't stand the tingling feeling you cause in my toes, heels and fingers, but I am thankful that you are not causing it in my lips like I was warned you would do.  I do not like the constant fog I feel like I am in and how I feel like I am dazed and confused.  If you don't start doing your job (and really well) by the time we get to our desired dose then I am afraid I'm going to break up with you!


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