Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tuxedo Cake

On Saturday afternoon Jon and I were sitting around having a typical conversation that goes something like this...

Danielle "What do you want for dinner?"
Jon "I don't know, what do you want?"
Danielle "I don't know.  Want me to cook something?"
Jon "If you want.  What would you cook?"
Danielle "I don't know.  Do you want to go out to eat?"
Jon "It really doesn't matter to me."

Except this time Jon mentioned the idea of grilling steaks and of course I agreed!  He does a wonderful job of grilling and steaks are delish!  So I decided I would be in charge of the side dishes and dessert.  I already had what we needed for sides, but what was I going to make for dessert?  I wanted something different. I am tired of the same ol cupcakes and cake balls.  I decided I wanted something chocolate and how about in the form of a real cake!  I went to my trusty Annie's Eats and came across this recipe for a Tuxedo Cake.  It was chocolate, three layers, and I had most of the ingredients already- SOLD!  It also reminded me a lot of Jon's grooms cake.  I made my list for the few items I did need and off to the store we went.   I came home and set out all my ingredients and was so excited!  I love baking!!
{all the ingredients for the cake- minus the 2 c. water}
{ingredients for the icing- I's just whipped cream!}
{ingredients for the chocolate glaze or ganache}
{the 3 layered chocolate cake iced...I need practice on making the icing smooth}

{with chocolate glaze}

It may not be the prettiest cake ever, but it sure was delicious!  It was a lot of fun to make too! Baking is the best therapy! :)

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MaryMargaret said...

It looks wonderful! We're baking bread today, but your cake sounds much better!