Friday, September 28, 2012

Anatomy Scan

We are 18 weeks this week! We had a doctors appointment and our anatomy scan. It was so exciting!! I am amazed at all they can see and find out when the baby is still so small! The baby is 8 oz and about the size of a bell pepper. They were able to see the brain and measure the fluid filled areas. They got a good view of the whole spine and checked for any signs of spina bifida. They looked at the lips and palate, which might I add the baby's lips look big and I'm not sure where those came from. The heart looks good, all four chambers pumping with a strong 155 bpm heart rate! They measured the kidneys, bladder, and stomach. To me the baby's belly looked so round and full! All 10 fingers and toes! We did find out the gender, but that's a secret until
after the party this weekend! Jon and I
are feeling very blessed and grateful that everything looked good with Tiny Cox. We will continue to pray for a healthy full-term baby!
Now for party prepping! A little over 24 hours before we reveal if Tiny Cox is a boy or girl!

Here is a sneak peak of the baby...

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Meagan Pilcher said...

I was thinking girl, but now I am thinking boy! The anticipation is killing me! Ready for the clock to strike 4:00 tomorrow! :)