Sunday, September 16, 2012

Old Wives Tales

It seems like forever away until we find out what Tiny Cox will be! I still have a gut feeling it is a girl, and I think Jon is still hoping for a boy. Here are a few old wives tales to help us come up with a hypothesis...
-are you carrying high or low?
low= boy
-is the heart rate above or below 140?
above=girl (the HR is always around 146)
-are you craving sweet or sour/salty things?
-do you have more acne since pregnancy?
yes=girl (this acne is unbelievable!)
-do you sleep on your right or left side?
left side=boy
-have you had morning sickness?
-are you having headaches?
yes=boy (not sure if this one really counts since I had headaches before I was pregnant)
-is your attitude more happy or moody?
According to these I am having a boy! We will see on September 27th!!

The planning and prepping for the gender reveal party is well under way. Here is a hint about the theme of the party...

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