Thursday, September 20, 2012

Four Seasons

We have four seasons we recognize around our house...winter, spring, summer, and football.  We are definitely in football season now.  Our LSU flag is flying and our new LSU wreath (from my sweet friend, Adrianne) is on the door.  Jon is constantly "researching" so that he can make the right decisions and play the right players each week in his fantasy football teams. (Yes, I said teams...he has three!)  I am a fan of college football over NFL, but I sit and watch most all of the games with him.   I think one of my favorite things of football season is the get togethers.  You all know I love to entertain and have people over.  I also enjoy getting together with our friends at their houses too!  We've been hanging out with some friends on Sundays for Saints games (although Jon is a Cowboys fan).   We went to our friends, Billy & Jennifer's, this past weekend to watch the LSU vs Idaho game.  I was in the mood to bake and decided to make something to bring over to their house.  After browsing Pinterest, I came up with a tiger striped cake!  The picture was super cute and the instructions seemed easy enough, plus I had all the ingredients on hand.  I made the cake mix, halved it, and dyed each half.

Then I alternated each color cake mix in the pan.

I baked the cakes according to the directions.  I iced the cakes with a chocolate marshmallow icing.

Then I decorated the top for the tigers.  I definitely need to take a cake decorating class, or at least, start practicing a lot more.  I have a ways to go on the look of the cake.  I also learned a valuable lesson.  I iced the cake on the cake carrier since I knew we were taking it somewhere.  Well, it didn't like the ride very much, because by the time we were at their house the top layer had slid halfway off the bottom layer.  From now on I will be putting toothpicks in to hold the two layers together.  Needless to say, cutting the cake was a disaster, but it still tasted delicious!!


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MaryMargaret said...

It looks great, and I bet it tasted even better!