Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finding the good in the bad

Life has thrown us quite a few curve balls lately.  I am usually one to just roll with the punches and keep my head up, but I think these pregnancy hormones don't always allow me to be the person I once was.  I get stressed a little easier, a cry a little more, and I get down more often.  Not to worry though because it doesn't last long.  My old self finds her way through the thick fog of hormones and shines through, allowing me to once again be positive, find the good in the bad, and keep on going.
Last week was a down pour of bad/disappointing news.  It started when I woke up Monday morning to water dripping from the bathroom ceiling...never a good sign!  Apparently the roof could not hold up to the 3 days of rain we had last weekend and decided to leak.  Then Jon's injury and being diagnosed with a ruptured achilles tendon.  After that we met with a real estate agent about listing our house, only to find out that in order to sell our house as quick as we wanted, we would need to sell it for less than we bought it.  That just would not work.  We did not have the plan to sell our house, only to be upside down financially in the end.  To top it off, Friday night our precious Annabelle decided to destroy part of the carpet in the master bedroom, tearing apart the carpet and padding, making her way to the concrete slab.  This last week Jon and I were both a little overwhelmed with all of these things going on, causing us both to be down in the dumps. You are probably thinking, "That's it? Danielle, it could be much worse!" I realize it can always be much worse, but being handed all these things at one time, on top of being pregnant/ emotional made it hard to deal with.   I did the only thing I really knew to do at the time and that was turn to God and hand all my worries and anxieties to Him.  I prayed for Him to lift us up and to allow us to see the good in the bad.  Like I said before, my old self found her way through the thick fog of emotions and with His will I am able to find the good in the bad.   The roof-well at least I have a roof over my head and it's not leaking on me when I sleep at night.  Once Jon's surgery is over this week we will tackle finding someone to fix that problem.  As far as Jon's injury- it is repairable!  I am thankful for his job...that they are understanding and that because of what he does now he will not have to miss time from work or take sick days.  It's also a good thing that it is his left foot instead of his right, allowing him to drive when he really has to.  The house- well it is what it is.  We love our house! It is prefect for us!  Although we would like a less expensive mortgage and a neighborhood with couples our age and children, we have a roof over our head and are settled in this house.  We can always attempt to move again when Lillian is a toddler or just before she starts school.  The carpet- We don't have to recarpet the whole bedroom like I originally feared!  We have extra carpet in the attic and will be able to "patch" the hole.  My cousin works at a flooring company and is going to set us up with someone who will do it on the side, which will be a little cheaper!  Most importantly I am healthy.  The pregnancy is going well.  Lillian is healthy and growing.  Without the bad in life it may be hard to recognize the good.  It's best to always keep your faith, to give thanks with the good, and lean on Him through the bad.  Life will always continue to go on!

“When it rains it pours. 
Maybe the art of life is to convert tough times to great experiences: 
we can choose to hate the rain or dance in it.”

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Kay Sour said...

We love you, guys! I know this seems like a lot on your plate at one time but imagine that cutie you will see in just a few short months! We are here if you need anything.