Tuesday, October 23, 2012


22 weeks of pregnancy brings cankles.  That's right my friends, cankles!  You know when there is no separation or difference in the calf and the ankle, when it is all the same size.  To help these cankles our nights consist of Jon and I sitting together with our legs propped up.  The doctor is somewhat concerned about my swelling feet and calves, so she has instructed me to really put a limit to my salt intake. I have to go back to see her if they do not improve or get worse within a week.  So it looks like our going out to eat days are going to be few and far between because trying to cut back on salt when you go to a restaurant is really hard! I also have to start walking.  The amount of weight I gained in the last 4 weeks was more than the amount I gained in the whole first trimester!  So I suppose Jon and I will be loading up the wheelchair and heading to the park to go on walks in the evenings.  This girl is determined to do everything in my power to stay off of bed rest, and I'm afraid that if I don't get these things better managed now, it could easily spiral out of control.  Keep in mind I am only 22 weeks pregnant, which means I am barely over half way to the end.
[the right cankle]

One thing that has been bothering me for over a week now is my right ear.  At first I was convinced that a bug had crawled in my ear while I was sleeping and it was trying to make its way back out.  The PA at work looked in my ear and said it was all clear.  It really feels like something is crawling in my ear or tickling my ear.  I thought maybe it was some hair, but when my hair is completely pulled back away from my ear I still feel the tickling.  It's driving me bonkers!  I know this most likely has nothing to do with being pregnant, it just so happens to be going on while I am pregnant.
I'm continuing to take Protonix on a daily basis to help with reflux and thankfully it is still helping.  I still have a decent amount of energy these days, which is very helpful with Jon being on the injured list.

Lillian is an active little thing in the mornings and the evenings.  She may be active all day, but I am usually active during the day too, so I may not be paying attention as much.  Jon was able to feel her move the other day.  He was pretty excited and wanted her to move more, and she did, but she is not strong enough or big enough or whatever to be felt by him all the time.  I feel like that day is not far away.  Her heart rate was a strong 145 at the doctor's office.  It is still so awesome to hear that sound!

I did buy the first thing for her the other day, a super cute zebra print pants and shirt outfit.  I ordered it online and can't wait for it to come in.   I think I have decided on her bedding and will hopefully be ordering it within the next few weeks.

[my 22 week belly]

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