Saturday, October 13, 2012


Monday marked 20 weeks of carrying this miracle! It's actually crazy to think that I have been pregnant for 5 months! The first trimester seemed to drag by and consisted of lots of sleep and nausea. The second trimester has been much more enjoyable. I have a lot more energy! My belly is growing every day! This week I have been able to feel Lillian move! She seems to be an active morning girl, and I have no idea where she gets that because her mom and dad are late sleepers! The second trimester has brought on a more emotional me. I find it funny when I'm crying at nonsense things, but I embrace it and let the tears fall. I'm not usually a "crier." In fact, I have been known to be called cold hearted. I'm definitely not cold hearted but I'm not one to show emotion very often, well at least not until I became pregnant. I was driving down the road the other day and saw a young man riding his bike, most likely to or from work. It was chilly outside and we were on a one lane street. The cars started backing up behind him as he was struggling so hard to pedal as fast as he could. I felt so sorry for him and the tears starting falling. I then began laughing as I realized what I was crying about. Today I was watching a cooking show, and the host was talking about having a dinner party for her father in law. She was talking all about his accomplishments and the things he liked, and next thing you know I'm crying! I can't even imagine the tears that will be shed when I get to see and hold our sweet baby girl! Oh the thought just makes me so happy and excited!! On another note, I ordered some fabric swatches for Lillian's bedding. I know the main fabric I want to use for it, but I wasn't sure about coordinating ones so I ordered swatches to help me decide. No, I am not making the bedding! I don't have the patience for that! My friend, Meagan, ordered her daughter's bedding from Polka Tot Designs and it is beautiful, so that's the place I will be ordering from.  I'm not sure exactly where we will be living (most likely where we are now, but who knows) when Lillian is here, so I am insisting on getting the bedding I want.  I may not be able to have the exact nursery I want, but at least I will have the bedding! :)

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