Saturday, October 20, 2012

Recovery Road

Jon's surgery to repair his ruptured achilles tendon went really well. He was a little nervous before but after some Versed he had no more worries! I brought him home that afternoon and he slept and kept his foot elevated. That night was a little rough for him. It was hard for him to find a comfortable position while trying to keep his leg elevated, and although he was taking his pain meds around the clock, he was not getting much relief. The next day he called the doc, who added another pain med to the mix, and that seemed to do the trick.
He is now 10 days post op and doing well. He gets around with his crutches most of the time, but when he's out and about for longer periods of time he uses a wheelchair. The wheelchair allows his leg to stay elevated, therefore keeping the swelling to a minimum. Bathing was an issue at the beginning because he tried to hang his bum leg out of the tub and that was very difficult. Thanks to my sweet grandmother, Jon is now using a shower bench. (Thankfully we have a pretty large shower for it to fit in.) Problem solved! This road to recovery has definitely not been a smooth paved one, but we have figured out the speed bumps and managed our way so far. Jon has a follow-up appointment on Monday in which they will remove the temporary splinted cast and apply a hard plaster cast. He will have to remain non-weight bearing on his left foot for at least 6 more weeks.
We are hoping for a good report from the doctor and a quick and uneventful recovery!

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