Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lillian's Birth Story {Part 1}

On February 21st I went to my scheduled doctor's appointment, the first I might add, that Jon was not able to make it to.  We had seen the doctor 3 days before, so we knew what to expect at this appointment.  She was going to check to see if I was dilated any more and we would set a date for induction.  Jon and I had already discussed what we wanted, so I knew going to the appointment just where he and I stood.  At the appointment I found out that I was only 2 cm dilated and maybe 50% effaced.  We set an induction date.  I was to check in to the hospital on Sunday at midnight and get the process started.  We planned for Lillian to be born on her due date, February 25th.  My doctor was not on call that weekend but gave me her cell number just in case something happened.  I went by the hospital after my appointment and registered.  I then went on to work.  That afternoon at work I had a few contractions but nothing serious and I just went about my business.  That evening Jon and I went to the park and walked.  I tried to talk myself out of walking because I didn't feel it was getting anything accomplished, but Jon wouldn't let me.
Friday I woke up and went to work.  It was just another day for me.  I went about the day doing all the normal things.  Towards the end of the work day my back was hurting, but I didn't think much of it.  That night Jon and I went to dinner with his parents. I pigged out on mexican food at Tacomania! My back continued to hurt throughout dinner so I ended up taking some Tylenol.  It was a constant ache so I still didn't think much of it.  Once we got home I decided to take a warm bath to see if that would relieve my back pain.  It seemed to help a little, at least it helped me relax enough to go to sleep.
Around 4:30 AM Saturday morning I woke up because my back was bothering me again.  I laid in bed and the pain seemed to go away and I was able to fall back asleep.  Not too much longer I woke up again with back pain.  I thought maybe I was laying the wrong way.  Sleeping had not been comfortable for quite a few weeks at this point anyway so I still didn't think much of it.  It wasn't until about 6:30 in the morning that I realized this back pain was coming and going.  I then got on my phone and googled "back labor."  I really didn't think I was in labor, but I wanted to see what I could find and how others may have described their contractions.  I also sent out a text to two of my closest friends to ask if they thought it was contractions and if I was in labor.  I also searched the app store and found an app that timed my contractions.  At this point the pain (or contractions) were 8-10 minutes apart.  They were becoming more uncomfortable so I climbed out of bed and leaned against the side of the bed and rocked my hips back and forth.  It really helped!  I heard back from the friends I had text and both said that they only had contractions in their back and they both felt I was in labor.   I waited until about 7:45 and decided to finally wake Jon.  I didn't want him to wake in a panic, so I calmly told him that he might want to go ahead and wake up and get some things together for his hospital bag and that I was getting in the shower. (I was not going to the hospital with greasy hair!)  I don't think it really registered with him that I thought I was in labor because I was so calm and told him I was going to take a shower.  While I was in the shower he came in the bathroom and asked how long I had been having contractions and how far apart they were.   I informed him that it started around 4:30 that morning and that they were currently 6-7 minutes apart.  He remained calm, just like I was, and proceeded to pack his bag.  He also decided to unload and load the dishwasher.  I finished getting ready, including straightening my hair.  I helped him finish cleaning up the kitchen and then I decided to clean the guest bathroom because I knew we would be having guests visit once we got home and I needed to make sure the bathroom was clean!  Jon took a shower and got all ready.  We went over my lists of things to pack for me, him, and Lillian and double checked that we had everything ready to go.  At this point my contractions were about 5 minutes apart.  They were growing in intensity and I was having to stop and lean over when they came on.  We debated on whether we should go ahead and go to the hospital or wait.  The doctor told us that if my water broke, I was bleeding bright red blood, or had contractions that were 3-5 minutes apart we needed to go in to Labor and Delivery.  So around 10:30 we decided to load up the car and head to the hospital to see if I was truly in labor.  We got in the car, stopped and realized what was potentially about to happen, and we took a minute to say a prayer and give thanks, then off to the hospital we went.

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MaryMargaret said...

Yay for birth stories! I cannot believe you cleaned your bathroom while in labor! :)