Sunday, March 3, 2013

Welcome to Parenthood!

I can't believe that our sweet baby girl has already been here for a week! I told her last night that she needs to stop growing up so fast! This week has really flown by and went a little something like this...
Saturday- Happy Birthday Lillian! I plan to write a separate post with her birth story.
*first family pic*

Sunday- We were still in the hospital but were blessed with lots of visitors who came to meet our baby girl.
Monday- We got discharged from the hospital and got home around 4 in the afternoon. Our first night at home was pretty good. She woke up about every 2 hours to eat, but mommy and daddy didn't get much rest between the time it took to feed and change her and put her back to sleep, to the fact that she was already having reflux and we were scared something was going to happen to her if we fell asleep.
Tuesday- We were up and about early headed to the pediatrician to have Lillian's bilirubin level checked. (It was 14.8) We also spoke with the doctor about her awful reflux. She agreed with us that it's not very common for a baby her age and she said we needed to wait until my milk came in to see if it got better. The rest of the day went by and did include a little sunbathing to help get her bili down. Then night time was upon us. It was an awful night that consisted of pretty much no sleep for anyone in the house.
*she loved sunbathing*

Wednesday- Totally exhausted, we were up and headed to the pediatrician again to have her bilirubin checked. It went up to 15, so we sunbathed more that afternoon. Our friends, Kay and Matthew and their son Luke, came to visit. It was nice seeing them and sharing a few good laughs. That night Jon and I took turns staying awake holding Lillian while the other slept. Yes, I'm sure we sound like lunatics but it worked for us and we actually were able to get some sleep.
*Luke and Lillian*

Thursday- (Jon's 31st birthday) A little more rested we headed back to the doctor's office and found out her bilirubin was down to 14.1!! Once it starts going down it doesn't go back up so we were really happy. That afternoon Lillian had newborn pictures taken. She did so good and slept so well. Come to find out my milk had come in the night before at some point and now she was getting a belly full and was able to sleep much better. Thursday evening our friends Billy and Jennifer and their daughter, Riley came over and brought us dinner to celebrate Jon's birthday. It was so nice of them and we really enjoyed their company. Thursday night our baby girl slept so well, which meant mommy and daddy did too!
*she loves taking a bath*

Friday- It was nice to not have to get up and dressed right away to go to the doctor. Jon's uncle and his wife Danna came in for the day to visit and meet Lillian. We had a really nice visit with them that unfortunately was cut short. I called my doctor to let her know that my swelling was not getting better and almost seemed to be worse. Just before I called I had Jon check my blood pressure and to our surprise it was 152/98. I let the doctor know and they wanted us to come in right away. We all three loaded up and off to the doctor we went. Almost immediately they sent us to the hospital. I was freaking out, which was not helping my blood pressure at all! At the hospital they started checking my blood pressure every 15 minutes and drew a ton of lab work. The doctor wanted to make sure I wasn't going into preeclampsia or developing HELLP syndrome. While at the hospital my blood pressure got up to 170/104. After resting in bed for quite a while my blood pressure came down to 130s/80s. The doctor came in after we were there about 4 hours to let us know that all my lab work looked great. He wanted to keep me overnight but agreed to let me go home since Jon could check my blood pressure. He discharged me with instructions for strict bed rest and started me on a medicine for my blood pressure. We came home that night and I immediately got on the couch and stayed there all night. Poor Jon had to take care of me and Lillian. Lots of extra prayers were said that night.
*Lillian with her Great Uncle Jeff and Great Aunt Danna*

Saturday- Lillian did great the night before so we (well me for sure, not so much Jon since he was doing everything except feeding her) started the day feeling pretty rested. My first blood pressure check that morning was in the 120s/80s. Alleluia! We were able to let out a little sigh of relief. That morning Aunt Candace came in town to visit and meet Lillian. Our day consisted of lounging on the couch and loving on our week old baby. Our sweet friends, Paul and Mary, brought us dinner and dessert. It was so delicious! I know Jon was super thankful since that was one less thing he had to do and worry about.  Even more thankful now for the Meal Train.  Throughout the day my blood pressure stayed good. Prayers answered! I am so very thankful for that! We ended our week with a good bath and another good night for Lillian.
*Aunt Candace and Lillian*

This week has really gone by quick. There have been lots of ups and downs. Lillian started out the week pretty rough with her high bili and severe reflux but ended on a good note with her bili going down and minor reflux! I, on the other hand, have ended the week on a stressful note but hopefully things are getting better. I will go back to the doctor Monday and hopefully be released from bed rest.
Jon and I feel so blessed to be Lillian's parents! We don't know what we did to deserve such a beautiful and sweet baby but we are so very thankful! We are loving every second of her!

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