Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day Six...Protein and Veggies

This day was pretty easy.  I'm tempted to say that it was the easiest so far.  I also must admit that I may have cheated, in some sort of way today.  I didn't cheat by eating something I wasn't supposed to, but instead I did not eat something I was supposed to...soup!  I just could not bring myself to do it.  Day six is for protein and vegetables, and supposed to be soup as well.  With all the other yummy food I was allowed, the soup was just not sounding appetizing.  Maybe tomorrow I will finish the diet with a bang and eat a few bowls of soup?!
I was very proud of my first meal of the day.  I seared salmon filets, sauteed spinach, and baked zucchini and squash.  I am always leary of cooking fish because I definitely want it to be done but I don't want it to be over done,  catch my drift?  Sauteing the spinach was a first for me and I have now found a new veggie we will be consuming more of!  It was delicious!  I added a little garlic to it and some black pepper and red pepper flakes with a hint of lemon juice...divine! :) Now you can see why I didn't want any of that dadgum soup!

For my next meal I baked chicken and put it on top of the colorful salad I made on day three.  It was good, but not near enough food!  I guess I should have eaten a bowl of that dreaded soup to fill me up.  Oh well...Only one more day to go...

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Rebecca said...

last pic looks yummy!