Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day Three...Combo

The third day was much easier than the first two!  Day three is a combination of day one and day two, so you are supposed to eat fruits and veggies, except you are not allowed to have a potato on this day.  I had to make another trip to the store because we were about out of soup, plus I wanted more vegetables. For my first meal of the day I microwaved/steamed carrots and broccoli and had a handful of grapes.  For the next meal I had a wonderful salad, and of course a bowl of wonder soup!  The salad was composed of lettuce, spinach, red and yellow bell pepper, cucumbers, mushrooms, broccoli, purple onion, and tomatoes.  It was a very colorful and delicious salad.
colorful salad
For dinner I was ready for a hot meal and not the same ol' stuff I had been eating.  I decided on asparagus, okra & tomatoes, and squash, and don't forget, a bowl of soup.  

I had planned on having some fruit for dessert, but I went to sleep before I was ever hungry for dessert.  The weight continues to slowly come off, and I am sure that day four will be a big weight loss day because it is bananas and skim milk day (not looking forward to it).  Keeping my eye on the finish line...

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