Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bring on the weekend!

This week is almost over! It actually went by pretty fast, which may have been due to the fact that it was so busy!  Recap of the week...

  • I did work Tuesday during the day, but I could not work that night because I had a terrible headache.  I have been having headaches often lately, and some are pretty unbearable.  I will go see a doc soon, promise! 
  • My grandmother's knee surgery went well on Wednesday.  She is still in the hospital and will most likely be there through the weekend.  She said she hasn't had any problems and the pain has been minimal, but she also doesn't like to tell people if it truly is bad because she doesn't want anyone to worry.  Silly Grandmother!  
  • The cake pops are done! It was so much fun making them! I took pics, so expect a post sometime next week on the process of making the "princess pops."   
  • I joined the girls in watching The Help on Wednesday, and I must say it was great! I read the book back in December and really loved it.  When I heard they were making a movie I was instantly excited.  They did a wonderful job of sticking with the book and not steering away from the story. 
  • I had ACLS today, and it was rough! I looked over a few things, because I knew they had changed up some things, but the test kicked my booty.  Oh well- it's over now and I passed.   
  • Jon and I dyed his dress red the other night.  I admit I was a bit nervous that it wasn't going to turn out as red as we wanted.  It was a long process, but it worked!  We are so excited about the Red Dress Run this weekend.  I will be sure to take LOTS of pictures!  
I hope that everyone has a great weekend!


Caitlin C. said...

Ah. MUST see The Help.. it's my favorite book, so I'm glad to hear that the movie sticks to it! Looking forward to seeing the cake pops :)

Jamiee said...

I know what the pops look like and they are beyond amazing...definately centerpiece for sweets table

Danielle said...

aww- thanks friend! :) i had so much fun making them!!