Tuesday, August 30, 2011


MRI = Me Reaching Insanity

So I went to the hospital on Thursday morning when I got off of work to have the MRI/MRA done.  I had heard stories of people getting claustrophobic while having a MRI done.  I also was warned about the loud noises the machine made.  I felt I was prepared for what was about to happen.  After I removed all of the metal I could, I realized I have a metal permanent retainer behind my bottom teeth.  I immediately thought "this machine is going to rip out my teeth!"  The Rad Tech assured me that would not happen and it would be okay.  I laid down on the tiny "bed" and the lady told me that she would put some head phones on and asked what type of music I preferred.   I told her that country music would be fine and she proceeded to put massive tight ear muffs on me that played country music that sounded as though it was coming from a far distance.  As soon as she did that, she then pulled a metal cage over my head that I felt was almost touching my face.  I started breathing a little faster at this point.  She then pushed my "bed" into the small tube aka MRI machine.  I really started breathing fast!   I never realized I was claustrophobic until this moment!  I almost went in to panic mode, and if you know me, you know that happens once in a blue moon.   I had to close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing.  The machine then started up and sounded as though a man were standing on top of that cage on my face with a jack hammer!  Holy Moly!  I said some prayers and continued to concentrate on my breathing and apparently put myself right to sleep!  I woke up about 25 minutes later to the lady telling me that she was about to pull me out of the tube and that it was time for the contrast.  She poked me in the arm and apparently inserted the dye.  I think I was still half asleep.  I then had to go back in the small tube for approximately 8 minutes and listen to some more obnoxious noises and, voila, I was done.   In the beginning I thought I wasn't going to make it through it, but with will power and exhaustion, I made it through and even caught a nap in the process.

I went back to the doctor Monday and all of my lab work came back normal and the MRI/MRA was clear.  Now we are trying different meds to try to get these headaches under control.  Hopefully we will find something that will work!

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Joanna said...

Sorry you've had so many headaches, I know your pain- they are AWFUL! Maxalt MLTs are my godsend, since I'm always so nauseous that I can't even think about swallowing something. And of course preventatives (Elavil or Topamax) work wonders as well. Praying you are feeling better!