Friday, August 12, 2011

Cake Pops

Due to my incredible case of insomnia, I am awake at this hour as my husband snoozes away.  There is not much on TV at this time of the morning and no one is updating their facebook fast enough, therefor I decided to go ahead and post about the cake pops. As I mentioned before, my sweet friend Jamiee @ My Happy Life, is having a Princess Tea Party for her daughter's 5th birthday.  She has been planning this party for months now, and I am so excited to see pictures from it! I know it's going to be super cute and include all the details.  She decided to have a sweet treats table and was wanting some cake pops.  After a few hints from her, I finally volunteered to make the cake pops.  I have made quite a few cake balls before but never any cake pops.  The only difference is the fact that the cake pops are on sticks, easy enough I thought!  I made the strawberry cakes (of course everything needs to be pink!) and then crumbled the cakes and mixed pink vanilla icing so that it would be the perfect consistency.  I then formed them in to balls and put them in the freezer for a while so that it would be easier to dip them.  I put a paper stick in each cake ball.  Then I melted pink Wilton Candy Melts and dipped away.  Usually when I use milk chocolate or white chocolate the dipped cake balls end up smooth, but that was not the case with the candy melts.  At first it was bothering me pretty bad, but then I realized there was no way I could fix it.  After the cake balls dried, I decorated away! That was the fun part!! I bought colored sugars and pearl edible beads to help with the decorating.   The only design that didn't quite work out was the one I attempted to draw a crown on...I'm not sure how to describe what it looked like, but it definitely was not a crown!  Here is my picture documentation...and I'm sorry about the quality, I took the pics with my iphone.
{the strawberry cakes}

{crumbled cake}

{they totally look like meatballs and i'm sorry about the ugly pan}

{the not smoothness i told you about}

Ta da! I think they turned out pretty cute, especially for my first time actually decorating them.  I hope they work out for her sweet treats table!  Oh and they do taste pretty good I must say!  Three of them fell apart so of course I had to do a taste test!  Happy Birthday Albree! I hope your 5th birthday party is fabulous!

P.S.  I am very excited about the weekend (in case I haven't mentioned it before), but I always hate leaving my sweet kids behind...
Annabelle aka Baby Girl

Charley aka Big Man
I mean who wants to leave those sweet faces!  They are up keeping me company at this early hour of the morning! Sweet babies!


MaryMargaret said...

They are adorable! I think the "not smoothness" totally works. Albree and Jamiee are going to love them! Have a great time this weekend- can't wait to see pics of Jon in a red dress. :)

Joanna said...

Super cute Danielle! They will be perfect!

Carrie said...

OH MY GOSH! these are such a great idea. aahhh, i really want to try to make it. they are so cute. and they'll make for a good gift.

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Nicole said...

those look awesome!!
I totally wanna make those!