Saturday, August 20, 2011

Burnin' Up!

I don't know how much more of this heat I can take?!  We have gone 46 days with the temp over 100 degrees!  I love summer, but I don't know about these southern summers!  You walk outside and can't breathe and instantly start sweating.  The heat has caused pretty much all the plants to die.  The grass has to be watered often, but it still doesn't seem to help.   I have also noticed that every day that I turn on the news they are reporting about some sort of fire.  The other day a truck was dragging a chain that sparked and caught the grass in the median of the interstate on fire.  I had taken Jon some food at work one night and was headed home and noticed smoke all in the sky.  The next day they reported that a house had caught on fire and burned completely up.  That very day I was heading home from work and saw smoke in the sky that looked as though it was coming from my neighborhood.  As I got closer to the fire, I was quickly relieved when I realized it was not in my neighborhood, or anyone's neighborhood for that matter.  It was in an empty field, but apparently was only 30 yards from someone's house.  How scary!  I have always had a fear of my house catching on fire and losing everything inside.   It made me think of what I would save if I were ever in that situation.  If I only had time to gather three things, what would they be?  (I want to clarify that my husband would be able to save himself so that is why he is not on my list.)

First I would rescue my dogs.   They are my pride and joy, and I would be devastated if I knew they burned up in a fire!   They bring so much happiness to our lives, so they would be saved first.  Second,  I would grab my phone.  I know that sounds crazy and materialistic, but my life somewhat revolves around my phone!  I don't know hardly anyone's phone number by heart anymore.  I don't know what I am supposed to do tomorrow without looking at my calender.  My nook books are also on my phone.  I use the alarm clock on my phone.  And of course I can't go too long without playing a word on 'Words with Friend' or 'Hanging with Friends' or else it would forfeit me and I would automatically lose! :)  Lastly,  I would grab the photobooks I made of all the years Jon and I dated and the photobooks from our engagements, my bridals, and our wedding.  I love pictures! I always try to do my best to take as many pictures as I can and then put them into books so that when we are older we have them to look back on.    What are the top three things you would save?  Oh and if you get the chance, do a little rain dance, we are desperate for some precipitation around here!

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Jamiee said...

Good question...Mine would be obviously child first, Gumbeaux second and my laptop third because that is where my photos are all stored. If I could assume Albree and Gumbeaux could get out on there own I would throw in all of the scapbooks I poured hours into and my dyson vacuum cleaner because I love it!