Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have seen this on quite a few other bloggers pages and decided to jump on the bandwagon.....

10.  I was a huge tom-boy growing up. In fact I always had a long chili-bowl hair do! I loved to build 
things and one Christmas I even got a tool set from Santa.

9.  I have a bad habit of biting my fingernails, although I go through phases where I will stop for about a month.  I have tried the nasty pepper stuff you paint on your nails, but I will just peel it off and continue to bite them.  Once I grow my nails out where you can actually see "white" on the tips, I have to get manicures often or else they will be bitten off!

8.  I hate peanut butter! (This is most likely not a secret to most people)

7.  When I was younger I wanted to play the drums until my sister told me that girls who played the drums were lesbians. (I think she thought that because she loved the Indigo Girls-jk)

6.  I own a gun, but I am not very good at shooting it. I need a little practice, but hopefully I will never have to use it for protection!
    5.  I frequently have stinky feet.  My feet don't sweat a lot, in fact, they are cold often, but for some reason they don't mix well with some shoes and they form an odor.  I own some Dr. Scholls foot deodorant for this very reason.

    4.  I love ice cream!  My favorite ice cream place is Marble Slab, but I will take ice cream from anywhere.  When we go to Marble Slab I usually order sweet cream with strawberries mixed in! YUMM!

    3.  I want a big family.  I would love to have 4 kids and see my kids have lots of kids! I dream of having big family get-togethers and taking family pictures where everyone has to squeeze in.

    2.  I have a fear that I will one day have to fight breast cancer.  I have a strong passion for breast cancer research.  I try to always support the Susan G. Komen foundation.  I have such a big heart for those that have fought or are having to fight breast cancer.
    1.  I have had every color hair!  I was born with a head full of black hair, then it fell out and I grew back whitish blonde hair.  I have had blonde hair most all of my life.  In an attempt to dye my hair brown one time, my hair was accidentally turned gray.  And of course the latest fiasco was when my hair was turned bright red and to fix that, now it is brown. 


    MaryMargaret said...

    I love this idea! Mind if I steal it from you? Also, Sweet Cream (or Udderly Cream from Maggie Moo's) with strawberries is my favorite too! Paul even has a name for it- you should ask hm about that one, as it's not fit for public posting. :)

    Danielle said...

    I don't mind you stealing it at all! In fact, I stole it too! By the way, did you know Maggie Moo's is closing?! :( If y'all haven't tried Orange Leaf yet (next to Newks), you should! Beats Fruiti Yogo in my book!