Wednesday, August 24, 2011


7.  I want someone to pay my student loans off for me.  I had to take out student loans to pay for my college (and I probably took out more than I truly needed).  I would have so much more extra spending money if I didn't have this bill!

6.  I want Jon and I to travel more before we have children.  There are quite a few places I still want to visit, but I'll have to talk about those in 'six places.'

5.  I want a swimming pool.  I love the sunshine and I love to swim. What better way to enjoy these two loves than a swimming pool in my own backyard?!

4.  I want to buy Jon an old Jeep.  He has owned 2 Jeeps in the past and loved both of them.  I have always wanted a Jeep!  He now wants a Jeep that is older but has been refurbished.

3.  I want a job where I work during the day.  I would love to have a normal sleeping schedule.  I feel that I will stay on nights until Jon and I start a family.

2.  I want to stay married until 'death do us part."  The divorce rate is so high these days, it's scary!  I've learned that you are to put God 1st, your spouse 2nd, and yourself 3rd, and I really try to live like this.  I have great confidence that Jon and I will be an old married couple!

1.  I want these headaches I've been having to go away!  Today marks day #20 for having a headache.  Nothing seems to help them.  I went to the doctor this week, and I'll go back next week after I have a MRI.  Hopefully we'll get something figured out soon!

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